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It’s not life-threatening, but still… RUN 4 UR LIFE

The FSL Runners. Me (I’m in the dark), Gab, Melvin, Johnmel, Joven, sir Gary, Marifel, Mark, Ruby, Roxie, and the BCUK girls whom I never got the names. Photo taken by Jek.

Our Run 4 Ur Life 5k fun run was scheduled on May 27th, a day after ASICS Relay. Well, actually just a few hours after ASICS Relay because we finished that race before 12 mn and we took some time to rest and got caught in traffic (really bad traffic, like there’s a major vehicular accident that caused it). My plan to get at least an hour of sleep didn’t happen because we arrived in Alabang around 2 am and we are suppose to leave at 3 am. After parting ways with Juanepri, Nelson, and Marlon, I got to the office before 2:30 am. Some of my office mates are still sleeping and only saw Gab in the pantry. I rest for a few minutes and ate at a 7-Eleven store nearby. Everyone was up and ready when I got back to the office to prepare myself. We boarded the van at 3 am and everything seemed smooth sailing except for the fact that Ruby and Mich have not arrived yet. After contacting them, an agreement was made to wait for Ruby at the Caltex gas station near the 2md entrance to Northgate Cyberzone. Mich was still in South Station, but we had to leave without her since it’s already passed 3:30 am and gun start is at 4:45 am. The driver knows his way around and we arrived in CCP Complex at 4:20. We quickly made our way to the activity area and still made it for the warm-up exercise.

Running with whatever’s left in the tank. Photo by Running Photographers.

The race started at 4:30 am, 15 minutes earlier than advertised. Since most of my office mates are first time joiners in the running scene, I took the position of sweeper and will be pacing with whoever is at the tail end. All of us got separated early since the others wanted to run their own pace and I only saw Roxie and Marifel as the last runners in the group, so I paced with them. Sometimes, they catch up with Mark and Jek, and I switch to trail them. But, they don’t want to be the last runners of the group and they sped up and I’m left with Roxie and Marifel again.

The 3k and 5k fun run are advertised as obstacles runs with wind, fire, and water-themed obstacles. I got curious about it and I thought there will be fire jumps like the ones in Guerilla Race series but what I saw was underwhelming. I wasn’t able to take a photo of the supposedly first obstacle so I’ll just describe it. After the first kilometer, there is an area with colored powder scattered on the ground and fire extinguishers on the sidewalk with some marshals standing beside them. It’s obvious that this is the wind or air obstacle and even my tired brain calculated that the extinguishers will be used to generate air and scatter the colored powder. But, we passed by this section without anything happening. Maybe it was for later because it was still dark and I’m not sure fire extinguishers are the ideal way to spread the colored powder. I don’t have a PhD for Fire Extinguisher Science, but from what I’ve seen they discharge cold air and with thick fog-like effect (or maybe it depends on the type of extinguisher). Anyways, moving on.  Marifel and Roxie are doing just fine. My advice to them is to just take it easy, no need to run, jogging will do and enjoy. Then we approached the 2nd obstacle, fire.

..And this is it. Fire Performers.
These girls are on fiiiiiiire! They are a sight to behold… not just their beauty, the flames too. Deadly combination. Don’t play with fire or your gonna get burned.

The Fire Performers don’t get in your way or attempt to block you like in a game of patintero. They’re not really obstacles, more like eye candy that lit up the dark road of Diokno Boulevard (the one along GSIS). Their performance is mesmerizing though. I’m like a moth attracted to the flames. There’s also a gay guy who lit his face with a mobile phone screen (or was it a flashlight) and screams to scare the crap out of the runners. Again, not an obstacle, but it’s funny.

A few hundred meters after the fire spectacle is supposedly the water or tsunami obstacle and here it is…

it’s a fire truck with water sprayed towards the path of the runners.

It can be considered as an obstacle if you don’t want to get wet. And no need to worry, the pressure is set to safe levels and won’t knock down the runners. A U-turn follows after the water obstacle and I think we are already halfway through. At some point along the route, Roxie spotted Mich (she made it, late start though). Then we pass by the color powder and fire extinguisher area and nothing happened. I guess they skipped the air obstacle then. Marifel and Roxie are moving just fine and will make it to the one hour cutoff time. Sometimes Marifel will lead that charge and Roxie is compelled to follow.

Just the 3 of us…. and some guy passing through.
Why run when you can jump!… thankfully my recurring calf cramps didn’t kick in.

Last few hundred meters and everyone in our group seemed to have crossed the finish line. Marifel dashed first and then Roxie and finally me. I didn’t time this run with my Nike Run Club app because I’m on sweeper duty, but I check the time on my watch and it’s 45 minutes. Marifel and Roxie finished the run in 45 minutes. Not bad for newbies. We meet up with the others in the activity area.

5k Finishers.
We are not limping here. We’re just wacky. And after this shot, we were asked to run towards the cameraman for a shoot to be included in the post event video. Check out the video below. Photo by one of the Run 4 Ur Life host.
With the co-race director, model, and triathlete Faith Garcia. Photo by Melvin
They got hyped up by Momoland’s BBoom BBoom. Photo by Running Photographers.
They enjoyed the run and loved the dance. Photo by Running Photographers.

So, about the event, it would’ve been fine without the so-called obstacles because the way they advertised it is misleading. They should’ve just called it surprises or elemental effects. Aside from the air-themed effect that didn’t happen (I didn’t see the other finishers covered with colored powder), what happened to the colored powder that should’ve been included in the race kit? I thought there will be a segment where everyone parties or dances with the colored powder thrown into the the air like Color Manila’s Color Festival. And what’s up with the earlier than advertised gun start? our run was suppose to start at 4:45 am, but it started early at 4:30 am. It’s better early than late, but what about those who were expecting it to start on time and decided to go to the event a bit later. Those are just my minor gripes about this running event, but all in all, it’s still a good fun run. My office mates loved the running and dancing, I had a relaxing run, and the organizer is very generous when it comes to the raffle. There are so many raffle prizes (like consumable products, Skechers shoes, myphone mobiles phones, and Sharp electric fans) and winners (including one of our own who won sports drinks gift bags). And it’s a run for a cause, for the benefit of Dialysis PH Support Group Inc. so you run and feel good for helping people. I recommended this running event because it is suited for first timers and I’m so glad that my office mates enjoyed their first running event together. I hope that the next Run 4 Ur Life is just as fun or even better.

The loot bag and its contents.

EPILOGUE:   I was waiting for my running pal, Odip to finish his 21k run at the event. Too bad we had to leave early and I never got the chance to see him. I went home with 26 hours of no sleep, but I still function well. I estimate that I still have 35% of energy left in me because I don’t feel sleepy. Two friends advised me to never do it again. Good advice.

This is part 2 of my 3-part Memorial Day Weekend activities. The last activity is the Mount Makiling day hike and the story will be published some time next week.

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Running Soon: PCCI Cares Run for a Cause 2018



PCCI gives back to the community with its 3rd Run for a Cause

The Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) through its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) will hold another significant run for its members and the public. Dubbed as “PCCI Cares: 3rd Run for a Cause,” this third consecutive running event will happen on May 13, 2018 at McKinley Hill West in Taguig City. This year’s run is made as special as it coincides with the celebration of Mother’s Day.

The events aims to continue helping the community in different cause-oriented projects. Last year, PCCI helped the victims of Marawi siege. Other than giving back to the community, it intends to foster family camaraderie by providing fun obstacles for the whole family. The organization believes that through this run, they can spark and rekindle close family ties to participating members and public. Likewise, this run further promotes health and wellness in the business sector.

Sine the run coincides with the annual celebration of Mother’s Day, there will be an exciting surprise for mothers participating in then event. PCCI will also give tribute to mothers, who despite the struggles of motherhood, have maintained their confidence and composure in balancing work and family life.

This noteworthy run will feature three running categories – 5, 10, and 15-kilometer run with fun inflatables along the route. To join, you can visit and register. Interested participants can also sign-up at selected Chris Sports Branches. Registration fees are as follows: 5k – P650.00, 10k – P750.00, and 15k – P850.00. Participants of the race will receive singlet, race bib, finisher’s medal as well as freebies from our generous sponsors.

A special prize will also be given to the most number of participants coming from a member company of PCCI or from a running group. They will receive a cash prize worth P20,000.00.

For more details, please contact PCCI secretariat at (02)-846-8196 and look for Ms. Arlou Lovendino or Mr. Levin Prudent. You may also contact Ms. Nikka Ramos of Aldenver Marketing, Inc. at 0927-8484533. For updates and other important announcements regarding the run, please follow our facebook page: PCCI Run For A Cause and Aldenver Events.


Scenes for the Press Conference: 

The Powers That Be of PCCI with Nikka Ramos of Aldenver Events.
The 15k route map (subject to change)
Inflatable obstacles.
actual inflatable obstacle. Photo from Aldenver Events facebook page.
Inflatable balls! (does that sound right?). Photo from ALdenver Events facebook page.
The Race Mechanics. obstacles are optional for non-competitive runners and mandatory for the competitive ones. 
The official singlet.
pcci presscon
PCCI Board members, Aldenver events, and the media. Photo from Ms. Nikka Ramos facebook.



K – Php 650
10K – Php 750
15K – Php 850

In-store registration:

Chris Sports branches:

– Uptown BGC
– Glorietta
– Market Market
– SM BF Parañaque
– SM North Edsa

Online registration:

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Running Soon: Runrio Trilogy 2018 (Press Conference + Awards Night)

Here for the rundown and the runners for the dress up.

For several years the Runrio Trilogy race series became the Run United trilogy. Last year Run United became a separate event called Run United Exceed and the classic Runrio Trilogy Race Series returned last year. The traditional Awards Night also returned to honor all the runners who completed the trilogy distances of half-marathon 21k, 32k or better known as the Afroman distance, and the full marathon 42k. Completing the trilogy is the runner’s equivalent of Graduation Day. I have never joined any of the past trilogy runs, but I was invited to witness the Awards Night and the press conference to see what it’s like and what they have in store for runners this year.

With the members of the press. Photo from Runrio facebook page.
Classy venue.


The Awards Night ceremony held in Okada Manila is classy, most of the runners are dressed up for the occasion, and very good food was served. All completionists of the trilogy get a commemorative medal hanger and there are also special rewards for the fastest runners overall and on each age group. The fastest male and female runners gets the ultimate reward of an all-expense paid trip and entry to the 2018 Chicago Marathon. All of the runners are called on stage just like Graduation Day.

Coach Rio congratulating the graduates.
If you ran your first marathon in the trilogy, you might just cry on stage.
A Street Dance presentation to entertain us during the intermission.
A running mate, Rick Frias (7th from the left) with his batch.
Another running mate, Mark Ponteres (5th from the left) with batch.
Meet Gil Brazil, the fastest runner in the age 60 category. He is 65 years old and finished 21k at 02:07:23, 32k at 03:28:27, and 42k at 04:46:08. Yes, he is faster than some of the younger runners present at the event.
Fastest female runner is Philippine Marathon record-holder Cristabel Martes who wasn’t present at the event.
The fastest male runner Jojie Daga-as.
Through Runrio and the runners who participated in the events, the beneficiary YesPinoy Foundation received PhP500,000 donation. Thank you.
Congratulations graduates of Runrio Trilogy Class of 2017.



From Left to Right, Pebbles Sanche-Ogang (Exec. Director – YesPinoy Foundation); Coach Rio Dela Cruz (President of Runrio), and Andrew Neri (Managing Partner – Runrio)

A press conference for the announcement of the races for the Runrio Trilogy 2018 was held after the awards night. A major addition to the series is the expansion to Cebu. The first leg will be held on March 4 in Cebu and on March 18 in Manila. The second leg will be on May 6 for Cebu and March 18 in Manila. The last leg will be on August 9 in Cebu and September 23 in Manila.

New running categories are also added to make it more fun for runners who prefer to run with friends and family. There’s a 5k Family Run for a group of four consisting of two adults and two kids. A 5k Barkada Run for a group of four adults age 16 years and above. And a 10k Buddy Run which is also for runners age 16 years and above. Group registrations are entitled to discounts on the registration fees.

“This year promises to be exciting for us and for all those who went to join our runs,” said Coach Rio Dela Cruz, RUNRIO President and CEO. “Running enthusiasts can look forward to the 2018 RUNRIO Trilogy not only as an avenue to push their limits but also to spend quality time with friends and family.”

The RUNRIO Trilogy was made possible by its other partners, namely, Gatorade, Maynilad, Garmin, SM Mall of Asia, Nyxsys, Inside Manila, Fitbar, KitKat, Efes, Nizoral, Salonpas, and Milcu Deodorant Powder.

For more information on the registration fees and online registration schedule, visit

A look at the new tech shirt and medal.
A closer look at the interlocking medal. During the Q & A, Runrio Inc’s Andrew Neri said that if you missed a leg due to instances beyond control or schedule conflicts but still want to complete the medals, you can try to get a medal from a different venue (Cebu or Manila) because the medals from both are the same and interlocks without compatibility issues. So, in video and video game terms, the medal is “region-free” 🙂
The 21k and 32k (Afroman Distance) medals.
With running mate and 2017 Graduate Rick Frias.
With the ever awesome Coach Rio Dela Cruz.

I had a good time at the awards night and press conference. Special Thanks to Sir Alvin Marayan and Mam Lyn for the invitation and transportation. As for this year’s event, I will be running the half-marathon and we’ll see after the run if I will be continuing with the series (which I actually planned years ago but always had the misfortune of  registering too late because the 21k category of leg 1 always sold out in just a couple of days) and be part of Runrio Trilogy Class of 2018. In-store registration starts on February 10, for more details go to See you there.

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2017 Wrapped Up!

This is article replaces my 2xxx Bests series where I take a look back and rank the best events and moments of the previous year. For this year’s article, I decided to make it shorter by limiting it to just running events and honoring only the best singlets/tech shirts, finisher shirts, medals/trophies, and then finally ranking the races. I participated in 10 running events last year and here are the goods starting with…


Run United Exceed Tech Shirt


The blue color and overall design of the Run United Exceed makes it the overall winner. It’s very comfortable too and quality is very similar to the 2016 Condura Skyway Marathon Tech shirt which is an honorable mention from last year.



Yakult 10-miler Medal


Its minimalist design and stainless metal made it my favorite. No fancy use of colors or anything written or etched on front or back of the medal, just  a simple design the looks elegant. And that Yakult pillow is a nice finisher bonus too.



Hero 2 Hero Rizal Day 50k Ultramarathon Finisher Shirt


This one became my instant favorite finisher shirt. I like the use of colors especially the red color tone on the right and gray on the left. And the logo is nice too with Philippine hero Jose Rizal’s face and silhouette blending with the yellow-orange color. Another good addition is the name on the back of the finisher shirt to let everyone know that it’s yours, you worked hard for it, and earned it. Gotta mention that it comes with a nice finisher trophy too.


=== 2017 Races ranked from worst to best ===

I joined 12 running events last year, but one of them, My Little Pony Run, got cancelled and rescheduled and the other one is a trail running class, I’m only ranking 10 official races that I participated in last year. So, starting from the worst experience….

10. Sungay 50k Challenge Calamba to Tagaytay


Of all the races I ever participated in the more than 4 years of experience this is the worst. See that photo above? that’s the first time I (and maybe the other runners too) was stopped by highway patrol because we were running on a road where running (and cycling) is prohibited. Wait, what? then why was it part of the route anyway? what the hell was the organizer thinking? oh, and to top that, there are no finisher shirts and trophies for the runners to take home once they’ve crossed the finish line. The organizer said that the manufacturer made a mistake with the trophy design (and the finisher shirt? same manufacturer?), so all we got was the medals. The organizer said that he will ship the trophies and shirts once they’re made. So, it’s like more than 2 months of waiting now, still nothing. We’re not updated or even asked for the shipping address and contact details. Dunno if we will still get what we worked hard and paid for.

9. Run United Exceed


Run United Exceed seemed exciting for me at first, especially since the Run United Trilogy wasn’t announced at the time and it had all the good stuff like a nice looking medal, shirts, and the 2 1/2 time limit made it an exclusive for above average runners. I also convinced my college mate Ryan to join the event. But, when I found out that the race route is 2 loops around BGC, I was disappointed because I really hate repetitive loops. Still, it’s not that bad, I loved the tech shirt and the medal design is very good and a great addition to my collection.

8. Yakult 10-miler


Most running series don’t last more that 10 or even 5 years. Yakult 10-miler is the 2nd longest-running event in the country and that title alone is one of the reason for me to join at least once. I had a good time, it was one of my more relaxing runs and the finisher medal and finisher’s pillow are nice addition (especially with the affordable registration fee).

7. Eggciting Family Adventure Fun Run 2


This is definitely one of the best family-friendly events in recent times. There’s an option to look for easter eggs along the route that you can bring to the finish line in exchange for prizes. With the affordable registration fee and lots of freebies, this is one fun run you shouldn’t miss.

6. 7-Eleven Run 2017


This running event needs no introduction. Most people in the running community and casual runners already know the event’s reputation as a “grocery” run due to the fact that you can grab as many freebies as you can after the race. This year’s edition is as good as the previous ones and there are even better stuff you can get. What makes this race very memorable for me is that I was finally able to break the 5-hour marathon barrier, I’m now a Sub-5 marathoner. Since Condura Skyway Marathon won’t be returning for the 2nd year in a row, this is the only running event that allows you to run on the Skyway exclusively.

5. Resolution Run 2017


What I like about Resolution Run is its beautiful, but challenging route that covers Nuvali and the uphill parts of Baranggay Casile. You even pass by the famous Marcos Twin Mansion. This is my recommended January run for those who want to burn all those fats they gained from the Christmas season, this is your Resolution Run. Too bad I wan’t able to join this year’s event.

4. Rizal Day 50k Ultramarathon


To wash off the bad taste left by my previous ultramarathon I joined this event. I’m glad that I did because it’s a good event. It’s very challenging, but finishing it feels good especially since it’s already New Year’s Eve once you’re done. I might join this event again if there’s a new route and if the trophy and finisher shirt looks as good as last year’s.

3. Splendido Sunset Run Trio Edition


I’ve been eyeing Splendido Sunset Run since 2015 and I finally joined it last year. And I wasn’t disappointed. Set in Splendido Golf and Country Club, runners can enjoy the cool Tagaytay weather and the race route is just amazing, it’s beautiful. I love the downhill domination part and challenged by the uphill hell part. The 21k route has 2 loops and I really hate multi loops, and it rained adding more challenge, but with a route like Splendido’s, I’m not complaining. This is my highly recommended year-end race.

2. Guerilla Race Splash


Before the popular obstacle course racing series Spartan Race made its presence known in our country last year, Guerilla Race has been around for more than 3 years now and has become one of the most popular obstacle course race in the country. Guerilla Race has one advantage over its competitors, it’s an obstacle run that changes its location frequently. That is Guerilla Race why is so awesome, it doesn’t feel like the same race as before. Last year was the Splash edition, taking place in Splash Island and added water-based obstacles like kayaking. The registration fee is also reasonable as you get a free pass to enjoy Splash Island after the race. Looking forward to more Guerilla Races this year.


and here it is, my favorite and best race I’ve ran last year is….


1. Sandugo Pacific Ultra Coast 100 


I always prefer trail running over road running and the only reason I’m not joining more trail runs is because most trail races are held in locations far from my hometown. Sandugo Pacific Coast 100 is no different, it’s even farther than most trail events because it’s set in General Nakar, Quezon. But, since I was able to convince 2 buddies to run their first trail run and kept the budget at a minimum, I finally ran my best trail race experience since Valley Trail Challenge V. We had a lot of fun and enjoyed the incredible scenery and friendly environment of General Nakar. The very friendly race marshals and staff plus the reasonable registration fee (taking into account the free ride and freebies) round up the best parts of my choice as running event of the year. I have a feeling  that we might return for this year’s event. Could be the start of a new running tradition.


And that wraps up my 2017 races. For 2018 I’m not sure I can join as many running events as before, but I will still keep running and deliver more stuff about running, video games, photography, and more. Thanks for the readers who find my blogs useful and inspiring. I’m just here to share my experiences, I’m very thankful for your time to read, especially my articles that go way beyond 1,000 words. Thank you.

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Running Soon: Five Fast Facts about Clark Sunset Marathon

I was invited to attend the media launch of the Clark Sunset Marathon yesterday morning and here’s what I learned…


1.) This is the first marathon event to be held in Clark Freeport Zone.

This is the first Clark Sunset Marathon and the destination was chosen so runners can enjoy running in a place away from city traffic and pollution. According to Noemi Julian of Clark Development Corporation fun runs has been done in Clark before, but this is the first full marathon event.

The official race singlet.

2.) Four distance categories

There will be four distance categories, a full marathon (42k) and a half-marathon (21k) for the long distance and competitive runners. And 10k and 5k categories for those who prefer to finish the running event early to have some time to chill and explore. The 42k race route will have portions outside Clark while the rest of the distances is within the vicinity.

Runrio’s Andrew Neri introducing the first Clark Sunset Marathon.

3.) The race route is AIMS / IAAF certified.

This is the first running event with a race route measured and certified by the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS) together with  International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF). The route is measured using The Jones Counter instead of a GPS device for accuracy.

Media and Bloggers’ Q&A portion.

4.) One of the main objective is to attract foreign runners.

The event is expected to attract 5,000 runners including foreign runners who wants to run on an IAAF-labeled route (which means it has the same certification as world class marathons like the Boston Marathon, New York Marathon, and Tokyo Marathon)  and promote tourism.

Runrio’s Franco Bambico, CDC’s Noemi Julian, and Runrio’s Andrew Neri presenting the official race singlet.

5.) A Music Festival after the race.

After enjoying the sunset and a nice night run, a music festival will be staged for a relaxing and more fun Saturday Night experience. DJ Ashley Rivera and DJ Tom Taus will be there to provide a memorable party for the participants.


That’s about it, feel free ask questions or leave comments in the comment section below. Online and in-store registrations are open. I will update this article once I get the digital copy of the press release.

Media launch at Burgoo SM Mall of Asia.
The singlet and the Finisher by Adidas.
Looks similar to the Gatorade Run shirt.



Registration Fees:

5K – Php 650 (Php 1,300 international fee)
10K – Php 850 (Php 1,700 international fee)
21K – Php 1,400 (Php 2,800 international fee)
42K – Php 1,800 (Php 3,600 international fee)


Racekit Inclusions:

Singlet, Finisher Shirt (for 21k and 42k categories only), medal, loot bag, and music festival ticket.


5K – 5:45PM
10K – 5:30PM
21K – 5:15PM
42K – 5:00PM

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RUNNING SOON: Splendido Sunset Run 2017 Trio Edition

Witness as the country’s first team-oriented run unfolds.



December 16, 2017
3:00 pm onwards

12 Km Trio Run @ Php 999/person
21 Km Individual Run @ Php 1,199/person
5 Km Kiddie Run @ Php 599/person



Splendido Taal Country Club is giving away as much as Php 90,000 in total cash prizes.


Splendido Taal Country Club is located at Km 67 Tagaytay Nasugbu National Road Laurel Batangas.
The landmarks are Royale Tagaytay Estate & Sonyas Garden.

The highlight of the event is the 12 km TRIO run. Each team is composed of minimum of three (3) team members. All three (3) runners of the same team must cross the finish line together.


12 km Trio Run
Singlet, Race Bib, Finisher’s Shirt, Finisher’s Medal, Beverage

21 km Individual Run
Singlet, Race Bib, Finisher’s Shirt, Finisher’s Medal, Beverage

5 km Kiddie Run
Singlet, Race Bib, Beverage









1. The run is a RAIN-OR-SHINE EVENT.
3. LIMITED SLOTS only for all events.
4. All runners must bring their own tumbler, the organizer will not provide water cups.
5. The Splendido Terrain has been acknowledged as the toughest terrain in the country, so bring in your best running buddies..
6. All runners are required to bring in headlamps and reflectors.
7. Gunstart at
3:00 pm for 5km Kiddie Run & 21 km Individual Run
4:00 pm for 12 km TRIO RUN
8. Only 12 years old and below are eligible for the cash prize in the 5 km kiddie run.


Early Bird Registration is until October 15, 2017 only. EBR gets 10% discount.
Deadline of Registration is until November 30, 2017 only.


1. Online payment with GOORAHNA please visit:


2. Over the Bank Payment

Please deposit full payment to:

BDO Account Number: 265-0278-214

Please send the scanned deposit slip to:

3. On-site Registration @ Splendido

Splendido Taal Country Club is located at Km 67 Tagaytay Nasugbu National Road Laurel Batangas.
The landmarks are Royale Tagaytay Estate & Sonyas Garden.

For Inquiries:



or visit:



A preview…



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Running Soon: The Eggciting Adventure Family Fun Run 2

eggciting funrun2


Eggciting Adventure Family Run 2 campaigns for #EatlogEveryday

With the success of the first Eggciting Adventure Family Run last year comes another exciting run for the Filipino families in line with the commemoration of the World Egg Day.

The Philippine Egg Board Association together with Sarimanok Poultry Feeds through The Good Egg advocacy and all its sponsors and partners is all set to stage the Eggciting Adventure Family Run 2. Recognized by the International Egg Commission, the second run of Eggciting Adventure Family Run will happen on October 15, 2017 at Camp Aguinaldo in Quezon City. This health and nutrition advocacy and charity run aims at reiterating the importance of eating an egg a day as it is absolutely necessary to one’s health. The campaign uses a #EatlogEveryday, to tell everyone that it is okay to consume egg daily.  Moreover, this running event does not only help in promoting the healthy benefits of poultry products but also aid in the nutritional and educational needs of soldiers’ children especially those affected in Marawi City conflict through Armed Forces of the Philippines Educational Benefit Systems Office.

Similar to last year, the Eggciting Adventure Family Run 2 is open to all ages. There are race categories for individual and family or group of four. This year, it also includes 21 kilometer category for individuals who desire to run at a longer distance.

The Eggciting Adventure Family Fun Run categories are 200M dash with Egg Land Adventure at Php 350; 3K individual at Php 400; 3K group of 4 at Php 1500; 5K at Php 500; 10K at Php600; 21K at Php800. All participants will get a Tech shirt, Finisher Medal, Racebib, and Lootbags. The 21K will get an additional Finisher Shirt.

This Eggciting event will not be possible without the generous sponsors – Philippine Egg Board, The Good Egg by Sarimanok of UNAHCO,  Philippine association of Breeders and Layers Inc. , DSM, Nido, Ceelin, Growee, Nutrilin, Enervon for Kids, Ceelin Plus, Ferlin, Robinsons Supermarket, Magnolia, Gigabit, Deuter, Chris Sports, Pocari Sweat, Anytime Fitness Escape Macapagal, Factory MMA, Klaypel, Mega fiber, Cranuti, Nivea Sun, Blackwater, Trampolin park and Petron Gasul.

Our Media partners that are supporting this run for a cause – Business Mirror, Malaya Business Insight, Philippine Graphic, Pilipino Mirror, Health and Fitness, DZAR, Radyo Inquirer, Travel Plus, Zen Health,,, Team Run Direction, Inding Indie Film Festival, 8 trimedia, Market Monitor, Light Network, Pinoy Extreme, Abscbn Sports and Action and ANC.  This event is organized by Aldenver Marketing Inc.

To join this worthwhile activity, please visit the race’s official registration partner, Chris Sports at these selected branches: SM Mall of Asia, Glorietta, SM Megamall, SM North EDSA and Market! Market! or register online at For updates and other important announcements regarding the upcoming run, visit Eggciting Adventure Family Run’s Facebook page.

For more information about Eggciting Adventure Family Run 2, please contact Ms. Nikka Ramos of Aldenver Marketing at 0927-8484533 or 0998-9565231. You may e-mail them at