Everyday can be your best day to run.

My name is Gian Carlo Rodil. Just an average guy, working an average job, but living a healthy and happy life. I started the physical activity called jogging on February 2012 because I had to, I was prone to bronchitis and other diseases like cough and colds due to my weak immune system and lack of exercise (being an office drone and all). I also bought a Sony Ericsson XPERIA Active to aid me in my fitness journey. I hated jogging at first, it was very exhausting and I had to wake up early in the morning just to do it. But, eventually, I started to like it and it became a Sunday (and sometimes Monday) morning ritual. On October 2013, I joined my first fun run, a zombie apocalypse run with objectives like a video game.  It was Outbreak Missions: The Narrows in Filinvest City. The event pushed me to run faster than ever before to survive the zombie onslaught. I slipped, tripped, fell to the ground, and got injured, but it was fun and I finished as a survivor. And that was the beginning of an addictive, but healthy lifestyle of joining running events. As a blogger, I am better known as the Rogue Rebel. I chose the name for being a lone runner and traveler most of the time. I started this blog as the chronicles of my running life and other activities and hobbies that I love to do like photography, travelling, mountain hiking, and video games. So, if we share the same interests and hobbies, feel free to browse my blog and read my stories. Better yet, share your story because life is all about living it to the fullest and sharing it to people.

Mountain Hiking is also another favorite outdoor activity.
Photography is my first serious hobby.


in 2017

Yakult 10-miler 2017 (March 05, 2017; CCP Complex) 16km – 01:33:55 (Official gun time. Rank 44 out of 610 runners)

7-Eleven Run 2017 (February 04, 2017; Filinvest City/Skyway) 42km – 04:50:52 (Official gun time. Rank 215 out of 1,027 marathoners)

Resolution Run 2017 (January 22, 2017; Nuvali) 34km (actual distance is 37km) – 04:41:17 (official time. Rank 81 out of 450 runners)

in 2016

Altra Speed50 Tagaytay Ultramarathon (December 3, 2016; Tagaytay City Hall) 50km – 06:31:20.08 (Official time. Rank 20 out of 66 in 30-39 age group.)

The Eggciting Adventure Family Fun Run (November 6, 2016; SM Mall of Asia) 5km – 00:24:49 (Chip time: 00:24:41. Rank 10 out of 242 runners. Official results here: http://myrunti.me/#/race/EggcitingFamilyFunRun2016/results/2)

2nd Philippine Marine Corps. Marathon (October 30, 2016; Marine Base, Ternate) 25km –  03:52:05 (Chip time: 03:52:01. Rank 345 out of 448 runners. Official results here: http://myrunti.me/#/race/PhilippineMarineCorpsMarathon2016/results)

Valley Trail Challenge VI (August 20, 2016; Nuvali) 25km – 04:23:03 (Rank 25 out of 84 trail runners. Official results here: http://frontrunnermagph.com/official-results-2016-valley-trail-challenge/)

40th Milo Marathon (July 31, 2016; SM Mall of Asia) 42km – 05:21:54 (Chip time: 05:21:00. Overall Rank 1,004 out of 2,097. Official Results here: https://www.milo.com.ph/sites/milo_philippines2/files/media/40th%20National%20MILO%20Marathon%20Leg%203%20-%20Manila%20Overall%20Full%20Marathon.pdf)

Manila Great Run: Duo Road Race Challenge (June 12, 2016; Filinvest City) 15km01:29:26 (Duo Race Round 1 – 10km; Round 2 – 5km; Rank 58/623; Chip time: 01:28:49; Official results here: http://myrunti.me/#/race/MGRDRR2016/results)

11th Laguna Phuket International Marathon (June 4, 2016; Phuket, Thailand) 10.5km – 01:04:12 (Chip time: 01:03:49. Gun time Rank 206 out of 1,411 runners. Official results here: https://www.sportstats.asia/display-results.xhtml?raceid=39721)

Financial Fitness Run 2016 (May 29, 2016; Bonifacio Global City) 21km – 02:15:02 (Chip time: 02:14:28. Rank 182 out of 759 runners. Official results here: http://myrunti.me/#/race/FFR2016/results)

Batman v Superman (April 9, 2016; SM Mall of Asia) 5km53:35 seconds (Chip time: 28:08. Rank 878 out of 1,579 runners. Reason for the guntime and chip time difference is because I started 25 minutes late due to late arrival caused by traffic. Official results here http://www.myrunti.me/#/race/BatmanvSupermanRunPH/results/)

Condura Skyway Marathon 2016 (February 7, 2016; Filinvest City Skyway) 42km – 05:09:50 (Chip time: 05:05:47. Rank 849 out of 3,544 marathoners. Official results here: http://runrio.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/Condura-Skyway-Marathon-2015-Overall-Full-Marathon.pdf)

7-Eleven Run 2016 (January 17, 2016; Filinvest City Skyway) 21km – 02:17:09 (Chip time: 02:17:00. Rank 274 out of 1,473 runners. Official results here: http://myrunti.me/#/race/711Run2016/results)

in 2015

PNPA Uphill Challenge (December 6, 2105; PNPA Silang, Cavite) 24km – 03:05:31 (No timing chip. Time based on Nike+ RUnning App and Finish line timer) 

PinoyFitness 21k Challenge (November 15, 2015; SM Mall of Asia) 21km – 02:28:21 (gunstart time. Chip time: 02:27:31. Rank 241 out of 444 runners of Enervon Activ wave. http://myrunti.me/#/race/PF21kChallenge2015/results)

The 1st Subaru Marathon  (September 13, 2015; SM Mall of Asia) 21km – 02:17:30 (gunstart time. Chip time: 02:16:01. Rank 304 out of 2,280 runners. http://runrio.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Subaru-Marathon-2015-Overall-Full-Marathon-rev01.pdf)

Valley Trail Challenge 2015 (June 28, 2015; Nuvali) 30km – 04:50:52 (official time. Rank 34 out of 137 trail runners. http://frontrunnermagph.com/2015/07/01/official-results-valley-trail-challenge-5-and-race-directors-report/)

Laguna Run 2015 1st Leg (May 31, 2015; Nuvali) 21km – 02:24:52 (No timing chip, only finish line timer. Rank number 60)

Cowboy Grill paRUN ng Cowboy (May 17, 2015; CCP Complex) 10km – 01:04:16 (unofficial time from Nike+ Running app; event has no timing chip. There is a discrepancy with the distance, 10.94 km in total with 01:13:01 finishing time) 

Color Manila: Black Light Edition (May 16, 2015; Filinvest City) 6km – 00:37:08 (unofficial time from Nike+ Running app; event has no timing chip)

NatGeo Earth Day Run 2015 (April 26, 2015; SM Mall of Asia) 21km – 02:25:10 (gun time; rank 525 out of 6,197 runners)

PinoyFitness Sub1 10k Challenge (March 29, 2015; SM Mall of Asia) 10km  – 00:54:22 (gun time; rank 145 out of 747 in Wave 2; Chip time: 53:58)

7-Eleven Run 1500 (March 15, 2015; Filinvest City Skyway) 21km – 02:14:22 (gun time; rank 412 out of 1947)

CONDURA Skyway Marathon 2015 (Feb 1, 2015; Filinvest City Skyway) 6km – 00:33:03 (chip time; rank 35 out of 1381)

RESOLUTION Run 2015 (January 11. 2015; Nuvali) 20km – 02:29:30 (official time via runningmate.ph)

in 2014

Affinitea Brown Race (Dec 14, 2014; CCP Complex) 5km – 00:29:26 (as recorded by Nike+ app; race has no timing chip)

Men’s Health Urbanathlon and Festival (Nov 16, 2014; Nuvali) 10km (including 5km trail and obstacles) – 01:28:16 (chip time)

Rexona Run To Your Beat  2014 (Oct 26, 2014; SM Mall of Asia) 21km – 02:51:31 (official race chip time)

Guerilla Race: Panther (Oct 18, 2014; Filinvest City) 10km + 18 Obstacles – 01:52:23  (from http://myrunti.me/ timing chip)

Energizer Night Race 2014 (Sep 6, 2014; Filinvest City) 5km – 00:48:57  (from http://myrunti.me/ timing chip)

Color Manila Nite Run: Glow Paint Edition (Aug 30, 2014; Filinvest City) 10km – 01:20:01 (as recorded by Nike+ app; Race has no timing chip)

Monolith Fun Run 2014 (April 27, 2014; SM Mall of Asia) 3km est. 00:28:00 (Race has no timing chip)

Outbreak Missions: Operation Stronghold (April 5, 2014; Intramuros) 5km – 02:51:02 (as recorded by Runtastic Pedometer; Race has no timing chip)

Guerilla Race: Sprint (Feb 23, 2014; Nuvali) 5km – 00:40:50 (from http://myrunti.me/ timing chip)

in 2013

Outbreak Missions: The Adarna initiative Director’s Cut (Nov 15, 2013; Filinvest City) 5km

Outbreak Missions: The Narrows (Oct  19, 2013; Filinvest City) 5km

Personal Records

3km – 00:14:10 (as of Dec 30, 2014; Nike+ app record)

5km – 00:24:41 (as of Nov 6, 2016; Eggciting Fun Run chip time)

6km – 00:33:03 (as of Feb. 01, 2015; Condura Skyway Marathon 2015 chip time)

10km – 00:53:58 (as of March 29. 2015; PinoyFitness Sub1 10k Challenge chip time)

16km – 01:33:42 (as of March 05, 2017; Yakult 10 Miler 2017)

20km – 02:29:30 (as of Jan 11, 2015; Resolution Run chip time)

21km – 02:13:20 (as of March 15, 2015; 7-Eleven Run 1500 chip time)

24km03:05:31 (as of December 6, 2015; Nike+ Running app and PNPA Uphill Challenge timer. Note: Actual distance was 25km)

30km – 04:50:52  (as of June 28, 2015; Valley Trail Challenge 5. Note: Actual distance was 32 km trail)

42.195 km – 04:48:31 (as of February 5, 2017; 7-Eleven Run 2017)


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