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Rogue Run IX: One Run Man

I always knew that one day I won’t be running as much as I did years ago. I just didn’t think about it much, but today is different. I don’t have any upcoming runs before the end of the year because I don’t really think of the running scene that much anymore. Now that my Rogue Run series has reached its 9th edition, I don’t have any plans to make another one next year. For now, I’ll finish the rest of my Rogue Runs and this month was cut short from my original intended distance. It was suppose to be a 21k run, but since I have gave my word that I will attend our company’s (Sykes) Circle of Excellence ceremony in the evening, I decided to just make it a 15k run to avoid risk of injuries and exhausting myself for the rest of the day.

Alone in the Dark… with the car headlights on.

I started as early as I could (a few minutes passed 5). Just when I thought I have everything I need (hydration pack, post-run hydration, change of clothes, etc.) , I forgot my patella strap again (which is very important for me when running the long distance especially with hilly roads). Had to be very careful not to hurt my right knee again, so I chose the Nuvali route without the long and steep uphills. First 2 kilometers was around Solenad and EVOliving Center. My Nike+ Run Club had a hard time getting a signal and I accidentally paused it in the first hundred meters. When I un-paused it, it started reading my distance inaccurately. Good thing I have my Soleus GPS One with me and had it on searched mode on my way to Nuvali, so it locked on to a GPS satellite properly.

the usual 5.5+ kilometer spot near Xavier School.

Nothing much to say about the run, it’s as simple as it gets. It’s a fine day, nothing unusual happening around me. The weather is just fine. I ran at a safe pace. My U-turn point was the entrance to an estate behind Treveia with the main road going to Camp N.

At the U-turn point. I think this is still part of Treveia.

The uphill of the Rotunda is the only hard part going back. Made a turn to E Nature Avenue to finish the remaining distance and complete 15 kilometers.

After loops around the rain garden lake, I finally reached my goal.
Screenshot_20190922-093351_Nike Run Club
If only I could run this fast. The result of a jumpy GPS connection of my smartphone running Nike Run Club app. The route only covered the starting point (EVOliving parking lot) to IBM Solenad which is just a kilometer away.
Sometimes, I get tired….
Don’t wake me up before you go-go.

It was just another running-as-usual Sunday morning in Nuvali. I’m still looking for the one satisfying run that I can’t seem to find these days. The first Rogue Run felt good and I can still run my usual fast pace, the next ones just doesn’t feel the same. I have three months remaining before Rogue Run officially ends. Will see if still can rekindle the fire or at least have an enjoyable long run.

One Punch Man meets One Run Man.
My rewards for this months long run, the all-time favorite classic, Resident Evil 4 and One Punch Man’s Saitama figure.
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Rogue Run VIII: 37x the agony!

It has been more than a month since the last time I posted a blog. The month of August has been a very busy month for me, there’s the anniversary, team building, my mama’s birthday, and my 37th birthday. Like last year, I plan to run a distance based on my age and this year it’s 37 kilometers.

Nuvali is once again my chosen race route and the run started at 5:01 am. I did not consider running a fast pace because it is going to be a long run with no hydration stations. I also weighed 77 kilos at the time and carrying 1.7 liters of water on my 2L Zefal hydration bladder. I know it’s gonna be a tough long run, but the first 7 kilometers was a decent start.

First selfie with a slight smile at kilometer 5.4 and I feel fine.
jet trail? and a nice view of the moon at 5 in the morning.

I started to feel some slight pain on my right knee at the 9th kilometer. My big mistake was that I chose not to wear my patella strap, thinking that my knee is fully healed (after running 15 and 11 kilometers in the previous weeks without it) and I’m running at a slower than usual pace. I forgot about the uphill parts of Nuvali and that added stress on my right knee. By the time I was approaching the 11th kilometer I can already feel pain and started to use my left leg to propel myself with the right one as support.

“I don’t feel so good” at kilometer 12.

Kilometer 11 to 13 is mostly uphills and that forced me to slow down significantly. Approaching the 14th kilometer to the 16th was mostly downhill which gave me a slight boost, but I wasn’t adding speed for fear of adding more damage to my knee. I just let the momentum of the downhill move me.

“Keep Holding On” at the 16th kilometer.

Kilometer 18 to 24 is where I slowed down to mostly walking. My right knee got too much punishment and, at around 7 am, the heat joined the fun and forced me to take more than just sips of water. I was drinking a lot and depleting my hydration bladder fast.

Sun-burned and the feeling of despair after 21 kilometers.

After 24 kilometers, I reached the parking lot and I took a very long rest in the car. I hydrated with VitaSoy and Ice Tea, I changed my shirt and face towel, removed my hydration vest, put on my patella strap, and carried a 500ml Gatorade G Active water for the continuation of the run.

Reached 21 kilometers at 02:37. Took a lot of long walk breaks and reached 24.6 kilometers at 03:13. Took a long rest inside the car, but I did not pause the GPS watch. I accidentally stopped my Nike Run Club app (which shows almost the same distance distance and time) on my smartphone though.
VitaSoy break and the thoughts of smart life choices, which this run is not.

Moving forward to the 25th kilometer and beyond, I already knew that I’m gonna be walking a lot more than I can run. Putting on the patella strap means nothing since my right knee has been damaged already. I accepted the fact that the pain will not go away and the last 12.4 kilometers may take around 2 to 3 hours. And so I moved. I decided to keep the remainder of the route around Solenad and E Nature Avenue, close to the car in case I need to rest or, the worst case scenario, give up and go home. I hate multiple loops and I estimated at least 4 loops around the area. I started going around Solenad and then to the part of the road going to S & R and QualiMed hospital. Since the sun was fired up at the time, I only used the S&R road once.

The Gatorade G Active didn’t last long, I ran out of hydration and the pain on my knee bothers me the most. I can’t jog and even walking is a rough experience. I feel frustrated, tired, like I want to quit. But, when it comes to running two things are very important to me and that is I don’t quit and I don’t cheat. I just took long roadside rest after 31 kilometers. I have to. There’s just too much pressure.

I’m not crying, just still trying….
Another long rest.

Moving forward again and after 1.2 kilometers, I took another break in the car and took a sip of my favorite drink, root beer.

Just a mere 1.2 kilometers later after the roadside break, I took another break inside the car.
In my mind I want to stop this nonsense, go home, take a bath, and sleep.

Since I depleted all the hydration I brought (1.7 liters of water, 330 ml Vitasoy, 500 ml Gatorade G Active, 500 ml ice tea), I decided to go to 7-Eleven Solenad to buy the last sports drink I’ll ever drink… in this run. I walked along the Solenad lake and two men asked me for directions for a ride back to Manila. I pointed them to the van terminal in Vista Mall and the one near Robinsons Supermarket in Solenad 3. When I reached 7-Eleven, I bought B’lue energy drink and took another long break inside the air-conditioned room of 7-Eleven Solenad.

More than 5 hours through with 3.3 kilometers to go.

Last 3+ kilometers to go, I feel close to finally ending this suffering. I feel a bit refreshed, but still cannot run because of the knee pain. The weather turned cloudy and it is a good day to walk. And that is just what I did, all the way to the 37th kilometer. 37 kilometers of agony.

37 kilometers or 5 hours 39 minutes later…
Screenshot_20190817-113754_Mi Fit
In comparison to my other 30+ kilometer runs, my fastest 32k run is 03:23:23 chip time at this year’s 7-Eleven Run (6 months ago). Last year’s birthday run in Nuvali, I ran 36.33 kilometers in 04:22:28 (7:14/km pace). I joined last year’s Caliraya 360 34k run and finished it at 05:40:06, but I was pacing with my running buddy, so it’s not exactly my pace. In 2017, I joined Resolution Run‘s 34 kilometer category, but it ended with a 37-kilometer total distance and I finished it at 04:41:17. Now this is my slowest 30+ kilometer run.

It was a birthday run that made me feel old instead of feeling young or reborn. It didn’t go my way, I made mistakes, but I’m glad that I made it through and finish the run. Next year, I’ll get it right. It’ll be a run for the ages (or rather my age).

My rewards for this run. Though my power level was less than 9,000 and more like 90, at least I gave what I can with what I’ve got.
The forgotten legend… who can’t turn into a super saiyan.