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Run It! – Brgy. Barandal, Batino, and Calamba Premier International Park area

When I started jogging more than 5 years ago, my running grounds is a long stretch of road in barangay Batino and outside the vicinity of Calamba Premier International Park. It is the ideal place for people who wants to just sweat it out on Sunday mornings. When I finally became a serious runner, I started exploring the area to add more distance and in part 2 of this article, I’ll show you the connecting route to Ciudad De Calamba. For now, let’s focus on the Barandal – Batino route.

This is the entrance to Barangay Barandal and this area is Calamba Hills Village Phase 2. It’s 200+ meters from our house and living up to its name, it consists of small uphills.
Just across the road will be the starting point of the route. It is 900 meters away from our house. To the left goes Batino and to the right the rest of Barandal and Ciudad De Calamba (to be covered in part 2).
The route map as illustrated by Google maps via Nike Run Club app. As stated in the photo above, the starting point is the foot uphill. It’s an out and back route with the U-turn at the entry-exit road going to Barangay Lawa.
Going uphill, straight ahead is St. Claire Convent. To the left is where the long stretch starts.
This is the long stretch of road. It used to be called Lover’s Lane (sic), but I’ll call it Joggers’ Lane for now. I estimate it to be around 400+ meters and this is where most people run, jog, or walk back and forth several times. In my early days of jogging, I used to jog and walk here 8-10 times to complete 5 kilometers. The best part is this segment being downhill (you’ll pay later when it becomes uphill as you go back). There are trees on the side and serves as good cover to sunlight and even rain.
When you reach the end of the long stretch, you have to option to go left, heading towards a roundabout and the entrance of Calamba Premier International Park (CPIP). On the left side, with the big water tower is the Nestle manufacturing plant.
If you decided to go left, this is the road to the roundabout. To the right is the AVON manufacturing plant.
Turning left on the roundabout. Samsung Electro-Mechanics plant seen in the distance. Entrance of CPIP is also on the left.
The entrance to CPIP. Not sure if runners can go inside, I haven’t tried going in. But, it’s very likely that we’re not allowed to enter unless we have business to go in (or know someone from the inside). Fun Fact: Straight ahead is Shin Heung Electro-Digital Inc. (SHEDI), the company I used to work for back in 2008.
Moving along the roundabout, turning right leads to the road going to Barangay Lawa and Tagaytay Highlands via Barandal Road.
Slight turn to the left and then straight ahead going to Barangay Lawa entrance/exit. It’s a bit of an uphill road, good for those who prefer uphill run training. The tricycle terminal is also located here. They also have a decent sidewalk men’s urinal.
The end of the road leads here. To the right is the road going to Barangay Lawa. To the left is Barandal Road (part of Barangay Barandal) and is an alternate route to Tagaytay Highlands. There is also a kilometer marker here, this is KM 50 (50th kilometer from Luneta or KM 0). This is where I make the U-turn and back to the starting point.
Going back is a bit easier on this part of the road because it’s downhill now and then a long straight after the curve.
Momentum on the downhill after the curve. You can add some speed or just let gravity control your pace.
And if you have to go, you can go, the clean and legal way. The first time I saw this street urinal, it felt like I stumbled upon a real-world easter egg. Haven’t anything like it in other cities. It’s the most decent way to take a leak.
Approaching the roundabout again. To the left goes to the CPIP entrance, to the right goes to South Luzon Express Way (SLEX).
Around the roundabout. To the left goes to SLEX, going straight ahead leads to Nestle’ Philippines plant and the starting point.
The CPIP Oasis. Welcome!
After the roundabout, to the right is the CPIP Administration Building. Straight ahead leads to the Nestle’ plant. Turn left to go back to Joggers’ Lane. Fun Fact: The CPIP Summer and Christmas Sale are held at the Admin Building 4 times a year. It’s where I bought my Saucony running shoes and other stuff.
To the left is the Batino Barangay Hall. To the right leads back to Joggers’ Lane and the starting point.
Entering Joggers’ Lane again.
This road is also best for people trying to learn how to ride a bike or a motorcycle. It was also used by driving school instructors to teach their students how to drive. The Barangay authorities noticed it and put a fence on both ends of the road to prevent it.
The last 200 meters back to the starting point is now an uphill segment. This is great for uphill training runs…
But, some people will hate the uphill especially if they’re tired. Just walk it off. TO the left is St. Claire Convent, to the right is the starting point.
And there it is, the starting point. Straight ahead is Calamba Hills Phase 2 (Brgy. Barandal) and then Phase I (Brgy. Mayapa), where I came from. To the right goes back to Batino main road and Joggers’ Lane (if you don’t want to U-turn and back to the uphill segment). And to the left goes to Ciudad De Calamba.

So, there you have it, 3.2 kilometers in total (+1 kilometer is the added for the distance traveled from home). You can complete a 10-12 kilometer run by going back and forth 3-4 times. But, since I don’t like repetitiveness and looping, what I do is run this route and then connect to Ciudad De Calamba and part of Barangay Bubuyan to complete a 10-14 kilometer run. That route will be explored in part 2 of this article. So, if you want a safe, simple, and favorable training grounds, I recommend this place.


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