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Belly Running!… Yakult 10-miler 2017

When I heard that the Yakult Run series is the 2nd oldest running event in the Philippines (after Milo Marathon), I just have to run in this event at least once because it’s part of running history in our country. This is the 28th Yakult 10-miler and from what I found out, there are 2 new firsts in this year’s event. The first new addition is the 21k (half-marathon category) and second addition are finisher’s medals (the past events only have finisher shirts, no medals). An added bonus is the Yakult Pillow for 16k and 21k finishers. You can all thank Proactive, the organizer of the popular Color Manila Run series, for these nice bonuses.

Since this is my first Yakult 10-miler, I decided to join the titular 10-mile distance (or 16 kilometers) because it feels like the right distance. The event starts at 3 am and the 16k gunstart is at 4:50 am and since I’m going with public transportation instead of using a car for a cost-efficient way of travel (because I’m frugal AF), I had to leave home as early as 10 pm to be sure that I can catch a bus or van to Alabang. From Alabang, I rode another bus to Ayala and from Ayala, another bus to SM Mall of Asia where I plan to start my 3-kilometer walk to CCP Complex. I arrived at SM Mall of Asia around 12 am and since I have a lot of time to kill, I walked as slow as I can while staying alert of my surroundings (you never know what suprises may lurk around the corner whilst walking alone at midnight). The streets from Mall of Asia to World Trade Center to CCP Complex is well-lit, there are some vehicles on the road, and it is safe to walk at that time. I arrived before 1 am and hang out at Harbour Square to rest and let time annoy me with boredom. Time feels slow and the back of my neck started to feel itchy because of impatience. So, I got up and walked around CCP Complex, passing by Tanghalang Pambansa (where surprisingly numerous people hangout in the middle of the night), Star City, PICC, Folk Arts Theater, Liwasang Ulalim (the event venue) and back to Harbour Square where I stopped to rest again.

Took this photo at 1:52 am while sitting and doing almost nothing at Harbour Square (very amazed by the low-light image quality of the Samsung S7 Edge even in auto mode).

I got up again at around 2 am and went to a 7-Eleven store beside Star City to eat and rest before the race.

Finally went to the rave venue at around 3 am. It’s still too early, but I’m very excited and nervous (usual me before running the race).

Big @ss Yakult. Proudly made in Calamba, Laguna (my hometown).
The stage is set…
With over 1,000 participants this year.
I love drinking Yakult as a kid. Still do. My only complaint is that it’s only available in a small bottle. How ’bout a big bottle of Yakult.

I think the race categories started a few minutes early (at least based on the time on my watch) which is better than starting late. I planned to just run this at fun run pace, somewhere between 6-7 minutes per kilometer with a finishing time between 01:40 – 01:50. I didn’t like the fact that I was carrying my wallet and Nokia E52 feature phone because they don’t allow money and mobile phones at the baggage counter. I attached it to my fitletic running belt which only added weight (sometimes it bounces to my annoyance) and totally ruined an aerodynamic setup while running. First 5 kilometers ran smoothly with some slow down at the flyover. Little did I know that I was already doing a Sub-30 minute 5k as I was pacing with a couple runner who would sometimes overtake me as I keep a stable pace. I was also surprised that I reached 10k at around 57 minutes, way faster than my intended pace and I already left the couple runners behind at the that time. Since the weather is good, I feel okay and seem to be holding my pace well, I kept at it en route to Mall of Asia seaside. My pace slowed down at the 12th kilometer, it was at this time that I did longer walks. From kilometer 13 to 15, my pace became inconsistent, sometimes I speed up and sometimes slow down, exhaustion finally caught up with me.

I feel so good that I’m not in the mood to run fast in the last few kilometers. Photo by Red Knight.
This is one of my most awkward setup in a race. See my wallet on the right? it also contains a mobile phone. My fitletic belt contains a smartphone. I’m carrying a Simple Hydration bottle. Too much weight and no $hitty aerodynamics… Photo by Red Knight.
At least I’m in a good mood and it was a good day to run. Photo by Red Knight.
Laid-back pace at the last 400 meters. Photo by Bicolano Runner.

The last kilometer was a relaxing pace, I didn’t push it anymore, just enjoy the run and beautiful Sunday morning. I finally crossed the finish line with the official time of 1 hour, 33 minutes, 55 seconds. It’s my first 16-kilometer or 10 mile PR.

Never expected this PR. Now I think I might have a chance in finishing a Sub-2 hour half-marathon.
Whoa! The fastest runner of the half-marathon (21 kilometers) finished it at 1 hour 6 minutes and 40 seconds (01:06:40). Congratulations Mr. Lel Kipchirchir.

I really enjoyed my first Yakult 10-miler. It’s a fun run and I had lots of the fun. Proactive did an very good job in organizing the race, even the last runners I saw as I walk back to Mall of Asia were still guided by an ambulance and the marshals. I’m looking forward to next year’s event and I hope there’s a change of venue because it’s a hassle to commute via public transportation to CCP Complex coming from Laguna. Now, I finally added another historical running event in my list of races.

Love the medal design, it’s shiny and smooth. The Yakult pillow is a nice bonus for those who ran the long distances.

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