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C’est la vie Cebu (Thanksgiving vacation in Cebu part 3.2)

Day 4: Plantation Bay

Save the best for last, the last day in Cebu is the best closing for our vacation. We stayed at the lavish and beautiful Plantation Bay. We arrived before sun down and the resort does not look impressive outside. But, once you get inside, it’s utopia in the real world.

Looks ordinary on the outside. Doesn’t look like a 5-star hotel. Wait ’til you get inside.
Entrance to the lobby.
Saying goodbye to our mechanical horse, our travel car for over 600 kilometers of driving around the city and South Cebu. You never gave me any problems during the trip.
This manual transmission Toyota Innova was rented from NGH Tourist Transport for 2,500 php a day. DIY travelling and adventure is best done with your own time and vehicle to use, so give NGH Tourist Transport a try.

A brief preview of the place en route to our suite (guests ride an electric-powered transport vehicle) was enough to make us feel excited. It’s just unfortunate that it was getting dark already and exploring the place is best done at daytime to see the grandeur scenery. But, it didn’t stop us to go out for a walk and a night swim. And before we get to that, let’s have a walk-through of our suite that got the girls ecstatic and the guys feel classy.

Don Raph looking at the massive pool area.
The light of the sunset shinning on the dining area and living room.
The light also shines through the blinds and balcony door of our room.
Our beds.
Relaxing and feeling the luxurious life for a day.
The Master Bed. The girls occupied this territory faster than we can react.
In case you want to feel like you have some business or studying to attend to. Internet connection at the time was 34 mbps.
The very spacious bathroom. The one in the master bedroom looks exactly like this.
It’s larger and cleaner than my old bedroom.
Complimentary sweets.
Imagine how cozy sitting on these chairs at sunrise and sunset. Even works for a siesta.
Currently lifeless living room. There’s a comfort room beside the window at the back.

The night scene in Plantation Bay is great, ambient and festive lights surround the area, there are diners and bars open, and there’s a place you can hang out near the shore with live bossa nova music.

The blue hour. From Dusk ’til Dawn… without the vampires.
Live acoustic and bossa nova music near the shore.
Because we arrived at a later time it was all Jay’s fault.
The Abductees… Photo by Alex.

After the night swim, we had a drinking session during dinner and we went to Alien Abduction Bar (sans Raph who decided to stay and rest) afterwards to consume our complimentary drinks (your choice of tequila, beer, whiskey, etc.) and some nuts. We left the bar around midnight. Jay and Lei decided to go for a night walk (2 girls walking at night, that’s a good idea, it’s just too bad there are no vampires, werewolves, or sea monsters nearby to spice up your life), me and the rest of the guys went back to the suite. I laid down on the sofa and passed out. When I woke up, it was already passed 1 am, everybody’s sleeping (just glad no one drew a penis on my face), and I went to the bedroom to sleep. Raph, Jheryl, and Alex have an early flight and will be leaving the group first. Too bad they didn’t get the chance to enjoy Plantation Bay at daytime. I took them to the airport where we also had to deliver our travel car back to kuya Neil of NGH Tourist Transport.

The outside of our suite (2nd floor) before Raph, Jheryl, and Alex’s departure.

Tsong and I (using GrabCar for the first time) went back to Plantation Bay to enjoy the last few hours of living like kings. Our flight is scheduled at 12:30, we originally planned to leave at 10:30 am (for the free transport service to the airport), but Jay and Tsong wanted to maximize our stay, so it has been decided to leave at 11 am. So, after a quick break fast, I went out for a barefoot run around Plantation bay to deliver the sights of Plantation Bay. Here’s my run-through.

A new day as the sun rises at Plantation Bay.
A walk to paradise.
I only found out during our stay that Plantation Bay is owned by Ellen Adarna’s family.
Imagine if this is your home and everyday you can do whatever you like.
Even runners need to take a break and relax.
Those suites have balconies that allow quick access to the lagoon.
11 hectares of nirvana.
Lonely Island.
Just behind our suite, there’s paradise.
Blue represents cool and calm. That’s exactly what you will feel if you stay here for too long.
Tired of walking or just too lazy? navigation around Plantation Bay is easy, you can call for an electric-powered transport vehicle like this to take you around. The driver can also give you a tour and they speak fluent English language. And there’s a no tipping policy.
So many things to do here. So little time.
Mini obstacle course for active kids.
There’s a mini golf course too.
A spa for maximum relaxation and rejuvenation.
Palermo Cafe is open for your breakfast and carbo-loading needs.
Kilimanjaro Cafe’ has a nice view of one of the pools and you can even swim near the sides.
Pool area around Kilimanjaro Kafe and Alien Abduction.
A small jacuzzi area.
Kiddie rock slide is very visible and can be seen from all angles to make sure the kids are safe.
Plantation Baywatch.
Volcanic Pool. Croatoan?
For your Beach Volleyball needs.
Warm morning at the shore.
The best area to hang out at sunrise and sunset.
Not sure about the theme or inspiration of this pool area, but it looks like a structure from Rome or Italy.
Run, swim, relax anywhere.
Most of the pools and lagoons are kid-friendly, the average is around 3-5 feet while the deepest was more than 7 feet.
Want a romantic moment? ride a gondola.
One of the suites that was designed to look like a house from a residential neighborhood.
And some are designed to look like something out of the cabin in the woods (or swamp).
In-water volleyball, anyone?
The landscape design of this area is awesome. Just look at that water coming down from that rock formation.
Too bad we had a limited time, this place is best enjoyed for at least 2-3 days.

And that wraps up the Cebucation Chronicles. I highly recommend Plantation Bay to anyone who plans to visit Cebu. The place is wonderful and the service is top-notch. Some of our colleagues from TravelCorp. stopped by to check out the place and the superiority of our accommodations. Tsong, Jay and I was going to leave at 11 am, but they couldn’t secure a GrabCar, so we decided to wait for the next free transport service to the airport at 11:30 am. The staff of Plantation Bay also took care of our check-in (service excellency right there) whilst waiting. I was a little nervous that we might miss our 12:30 flight because of the traffic. We arrived passed 12 at the airport and had to move hastily. Luckily, our flight was delayed again (first time I was glad about a plane being late) and we made it back to Manila and at home safe and sound. And unfortunately, we still have to go to work that day, so we only had a few hours of rest. But, it was worth it.

It was a memorable Thanksgiving vacation, we had a lot of fun, and i didn’t get to spend too much money (just being thrifty). I’d like to thank the people who made this vacation possible. Raph for making it easier for me to join. The man is a good samaritan in wolf’s clothing, he took care of some of my budget shortcomings, food, and provided me with the energy drinks to help me drive the long distance even without sleep. Princess for all the things that made this vacation happen, you’re a saint for giving so much and making sure that people enjoy the blessings you have given them. Thank you for everything. And for the rest of Team Bahala Na or DIY Travel, thanks for the good and fun times, I really enjoyed my first time in Cebu.


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