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The Photo Shoot at Sirao Flower Farm (Thanksgiving Vacation in Cebu Part 3.1)

Day 4: Sirao Flower Farm

Our last day at Cloud & Xky Resort. We met the owner the night before, who arrived with his family. He’s a nice guy and we highly recommend his resort for having a very accommodating and nice staff and an excellent view of the sun rise. And being close to the Whale Watching area is a plus.

After packing up, it was another long drive from Oslob and back to the city. It was easier and faster going back, especially without the bad weather and a good night rest. We stopped by at the market to shop for some pasalubong (bought dried fruits, squid, and fish, and some refrigerator magnets).

As requested by our fashionista/queen of darkness planner, Jay, we headed to another mountain region to visit the Sirao Flower Farm. Jay wanted to have a photo shoot in that place and for the first time I actually used my Sony NEX-5n camera (it was so convenient to use smartphones and action cam during the trip that I almost forgot that I brought this). The guys decided to stay in the car and play Mobile Legends (and because it’s a flower farm), I was dragged along as the photographer (might as well maximize the experience, right? and they’re paying for my entrance fee). I don’t have a lot to say about this activity, there’s a lot of flowers, it’s colorful all around you, and it’s very girly. I’ll just let you see the photos instead. Since part 3 of the series has too many photos (especially Plantation Bay), I decided to do this article as part 3.1, focusing on the photo shoot in Sirao Flower Garden. Part 3.2, the real last part of the Cebucation series will focus on Plantation Bay. So, here we go, Jay and Lei’s photo shoot by the Rogue Rebel Photographer.

My idea of pollination is a lot more dirtier than this.
Welcome to Sirao Flower Farm. Colour Everywhere.
For prenup photo shoots and romantic photos, this is the ideal place.
I guess this place is a safe haven should a Zombie Apocalypse push through.
There are 2 flower gardens. This one has a mini windmill inside and other props to make you feel like you’re in another country.
If you love flower power.
And the photo shoot starts here… Photo Credit: Jay
For some reason, flowery places like this feel vintage.
Phase One: Testing Lei’s prenup shoot.
Red is the color of love, passion, desire, romance, lust, heat, action, and many more. Jay is…(create your own idea)
Pretty. Fresh. Smells Good. The Flowers.
This is how you professionally block the flowers.
That moment when you suddenly feel like the flowers are funny. Are they releasing something like from the movie The Happening? or is this flower flirting?
Did the horse got loose from this calash and went to the flower-eating party?
How can this calash move without the horse.
This is how I shoot (I’m packing a Sony NEX-5n armed with a Sigma 30mm f/2.8). Photo Credit: Lei
And this what I deliver.
Black and White is timeless.
The Wonder Twins. One has the ability to smile freely, the other is capable of holding back her smile.
It’s a colorful life.
If you’re used to seeing black and white, these flowers will add colors to your life.
Jay got drunk, wandered off in a flower farm. Lei found her and like true BFFs, she assisted her towards the camera for that memorable Kodak moment.
Looking at this photo, create your own emotion =)
They’re not AV Idols. More like Chinese-Japanese-Korean looking models.

That’s all, folks! Seriously, the whole experience made me feel like a photographer again. 6 years ago, photography is my first serious hobby, but when I started focusing on a more physically-demanding hobby like running and mountain hiking, I forgot how much I enjoyed photo shoots in the past. This experience reminded me of the joy of photography and I might do it again, a comeback to my first hobby. Jay and Lei are good models and Sirao Flower Garden is a great place for photo shoots. In fact, there was a prenup photo shoot at the time. But, it’s hard to get to the good spots of the location because of the place was crowded (and the parking lot is so small that traffic occurs within the vicinity pf the farm).

The last part of the Cebucation Chronicles is coming up real soon, it will be packed so much photos it will look like a walk through of Plantation Bay.

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