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An ‘Eggs’travaganza of a running event… Eggciting Adventure Family Fun Run!

Like most seasoned runners, I usually prefer joining half-marathons, marathons, and already planning to join ultramarathons. But, I still join fun runs for the sake of just going for a laid back run and having fun. When the Eggciting Adventure Family Fun Run was announced, 2 things got me interested. First, is the easter egg hunting theme and second, it is organized by Guerilla Race Inc, an organizer best known for obstacle runs. I kept track of the event until the full details was announced. An offer to spread the event’s advocacy through social media for a free race kit and an invitation to attend the media and blogger’s day made its way to my inbox, and I decided to go and see what this event has to offer. You can read more about that and lots of egg facts in my previous blog here: The Eggciting Fun Run Media and Bloggers Day

So, let’s move to the event. The run was originally scheduled on 16th October, but a typhoon hit Manila and it was rescheduled to 6th November. To be honest, I wasn’t feeling good at the time, lacking sleep and on the verge of developing cough and possibly tonsillitis, I was even a bit slow getting off the bed to prepare myself and leave the house. In short, I’m not really that “egg”cited, but I still push through because I have a feeling that the “egg”citement will come at the event.

I arrived at SM Mall of Asia a few minutes before 5 am because the 5k gun start was suppose to be at 5:15 am (and the 10k at 5 am). To my surprise, the 10k runners are not even on the starting line yet and I knew that Filipino time was observed. To kill time, I just wander around the activity area and relax a bit.

5 am and the race has yet to start. But, it was ideal to start late because at 5 am, it was still very dark.
Purdy lights!
If Santa takes over the Easter Bunny’s job…
Well, somebody’s “egg”static.

After some warm-up activities, the 10k race started at 5:50 am. It’s very likely that most of the “mamaw” runners are at the New Balance Power Run event at Bonifacio Global City, so it’s the near-mamaw level runners’ time to shine.

10k runners at the starting line.
It’s like when somebody found the chicken that lays golden eggs, everybody be like…
The Christmas Rush!
Sale! Sale! Sale!

Our gunstart was at 6am. I plan to just run my usual pace of 5:30 – 6 minutes per kilometer. But, for some reason I ran a bit faster than my usual even with my tongue and throat feeling dry during the first kilometer. Maybe, because I was speeding up for the first water station because my mouth feels very dry, not thirsty, just feeling dry.

Making the first turn. I feel like I’m about to have tonsillitis. Photo Credit: Bicolano Runner.

When I finally reached the first water station, I slowed down, grabbed a cup, and rinse my mouth. Sped up again and at the 3rd U-turn in the 3rd kilometer, I found the easter eggs. They’re on the side of the road, very visible, just look for dried up grass that looks like a nest. I passed by the nest, I think 5-6 meters away, but reacting quickly, I turned around and grabbed one. Another nest is just a few hundred meters away and I got another egg. The easter egg hunt objective is to find 3 eggs for the 10k, 2 eggs for 5k, 1 egg for 3k and take it to the finish line without breaking them. If you do that, you win a prize. Mission accomplished for me, I just have to take it to the finish line.

Got 2 for the win! Photo credit: Bicolano Runner.
I already have 2, I got 2 more! who wants some? Photo credit: Strider Photos.
Egg-powered running. Photo from Eggciting Adventure Family Fun Run facebook page.

I crossed the finish line at 00:24:49 (chip time is 00:24:41) without breaking the eggs and even made rank number 10 out of 242 runners (because most of the mamaw runners were running in BGC at the time). Amazingly, I don’t feel as bad as before the race started, I actually felt great. I think I finally felt the “egg”citement when I was running and making sure I finish without breaking the eggs.

Went back to the activity area and this is where the event truly an “eggs”travaganza. There are a lot of sponsor freebies and the easter egg area is pure fun for the kids.

Mini Santa Army
There’s a photo booth and sponsors giving away the good stuff like umbrellas, bags, wall clocks, and more.
Coloring activity at the easter egg area for kids.
Take a photo with an egg or yourself lying on a egg. Use your “egg”magination.
More easter egg hunting fun.
Pick an egg prize?
Egg-themed low crawl.
img_20161106_075907-0101 is all about running and some stuff about hiking, gaming, photography, and other outdoor activities.
The Golden Egg Trophies for the Top 3 Male and Female winners of all categories. And eggs for the egg pledge.
The 3 fastest 3k female runners.
The Fastest Family runners.
Race Director Col. Bumanglag delivering his closing speech and some details about the next Guerilla Race.

I had a fun and relaxing time at The Eggciting Adventure Family Fun Run. It’s really nice to run and just have a good time, not worrying about the effort, distance, speed, just move your legs and enjoy. Guerilla Race Inc. did an “egg”cellent job in creating a fun and family-oriented event. Everyone had a fun time and I hope to see more of this kind of events especially in the south area like Filinvest City, Greenfield City, and Nuvali, so I can bring the whole family too.

So, is there gonna be a Santa run or Christmas run coming soon?
My Egg medal. Notice the original event date of October 16, 2016. My Soleus GPS One watch and Nike Run Club app both recorded 4.8 kilometers. At least the distance discrepancy isn’t that far off compared to other running events. For the official results, go to
The generous freebies from the sponsors. The color changing mug is the prize for finding and bringing 2 easter eggs. Extra thanks for the wall clock, I really need it.

EPILOGUE: My cough did develop the next day. I had sore throat and mild head aches. Decided to take a sick leave to rest and recover.


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