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Who Got Game? We Got Game! E-Sports and Gaming Summit 2016 (Day 1)

Way back in the late 80s and 90s, I was a big video game geek. When my mom bought our very first game console, a Nintendo Family Computer (Famicom), my brothers and I were instantly hooked. Not soon after, my father gave me a Gameboy as a reward for placing 3rd in a Spelling Bee in 4th grade. Then I got a Game Gear, a Sega Saturn, a Sega Genesis, a NES, and the last console I owned, the Sega Dreamcast. I became a Sega fanatic back then, so I never bought any of the other game console from other brands after the Dreamcast’s untimely demise in late 2001. However, in 2008, I couldn’t resist the appeal of the Playstation Portable, so I dropped the whole Sega fanaticism thing and got into the bandwagon. Then came the end of the PSP’s lifespan and I stopped buying or collecting games and game consoles. But, I never got disconnected from the gaming scene. I played PS2 and PS3 sometimes, and I had a short run as a promodizer of Xbox 360. In recent times, I only play PC and smartphone games and just keep myself updated with the recent developments in the electronic gaming world. This is why I had a keen interest when I found out about the E-Sports and Gaming Summit and was very happy when I was picked to be a media partner for the event.

Special thanks to Leo of ESGS Media Team.

Unfortunately, I was only able to attend Day 1 because I have an upcoming run, the Philippine Marine Corp Marathon, on Sunday and I have to rest on Saturday. Fortunately, the first day of the event was full of activities.

Welcome to ESGS 2016!
Arrived around 9 am. We were instructed to enter at the back of the hall. The exhibitors and sponsors were setting up their booths at the time.

I went to the event after my shift at the office. I don’t have enough sleep, but the excitement gave me enough energy to push through. Some of the major players in the gaming industry, namely Sony, Ubisoft Philippines, and Namco Bandai were present and marked their first major participation in the event.

Sony has one of the biggest booths in the convention.
Final Fantasy XV’s release date is on the 29th of November. You can demo the game before it hits the stores at the Sony booth.
Sony’s gorgeous host.

Sony shows their massive resources by having one of the biggest area in the event. They also exclusively showcased the highly anticipated Final Fantasy XV as well as NBA 2K17 and the new Call of Duty game, Infinite Warfare. While these 3 games are not Sony Playstation exclusives (they are also coming to X-box One and PC), it’s understandable why they chose this lineup. Both Final Fantasy XV and Infinite Warfare are upcoming games and have quite a following in the local console gaming scene. While NBA 2k17 was there because of the majority of pinoys’ love of basketball. And due to Final Fantasy and Infinite Warfare’s exclusive preview, taking photos and videos of the games were not allowed. In fact, the Sony booth has bouncers that guard the exposed areas to make sure that everyone complies.

Ubisoft Philippines is hiring programmers and game testers. It’s your chance for a job in the video game industry.
Ubisoft Philippines also has some nice collection of merchandise. Rabbids, Assassin’s Creed, Rayman, Prince of Persia, and Splinter Cell to name a few.
Just Dancers using the smartphone app to be able to use your mobile phone as motion controllers.
The Just Dancers. They don’t just dance, they dance beautifully….
and sexy.

Since the news of Ubisoft opening an office here in the Philippines earlier this year, it stirred interest to video game fanatics in the same way Google Philippines stimulated the BPO employee crowd (I say stimulated because the thought of working for Google puts you in a different level of high). Now they are hiring, and those who visited their booth at ESGS had the opportunity to apply and even ask questions. For those who were not able to attend, you can visit their website for job openings. As for the games, they only showcased one, Just Dance 2017, another favorite of kids and teens who like to hang out and bust a move at your nearby arcades.

Josie Rizal, a Filipina character, and Akuma from the Street Fighter series are 2 of the interesting new characters of Tekken 7.
Little Nightmares is one of the lesser known, upcoming game from Namco Bandai. The visuals are stylish, kinda like Little Big Planet.

Namco Bandai has the upcoming stylish puzzle/platformer game, Little Nightmares available for demo as well as Sword Art Online, but it’s Tekken 7 that attracted most gamers. The Tekken series is another pinoy gaming favorite since the first game arrived on the first Playstation. The Playstation 4 version of the game delivered an excellent arcade-to-game console experience with 2 new characters that will be of interest to pinoy players, the Filipina Josie Rizal and fan favorite from the Street Fighter games, Akuma.

From console gaming to PC gaming and modding. Msi, Acer’s Predator, and other smaller brands unleashed their best product lineup for the enthusiasts.

MSi has some of the best-looking gaming rig on the show.
inspired by Gundam?
My favorite.
According to PC World, the GTX 1080 is the most graphics card ever created.
MSI’s NVidia Ansel 360 VR setup.
Nvidia Ansel 360 VR testing at MSi’s booth.
msi’s gaming laptops perform well and look good too.
MSi’s cosplayer demonstrates how I see the MSi brand, Red and Fierce.

MSi is one of the most well-known brands in gaming laptops and the PC modding community. They have a monstrous presence in the show. Showcasing a good lineup of gaming rig and laptops, a counter strike competition, and other activities to keep the visitors busy. With the absence of a rival like  ASUS Republic of Gamers, they completely stole the show in their category.

Every time I see the Predator logo, Michael Bay’s Transformer comes into my mind.
Industrial design Predator booth. Powered by Decepticons.
Predator Gaming Laptop. All-Spark Inside.

Acer’s Predator series is the new player in PC Gaming town. They don’t have the following of ASUS ROG and MSi yet, but their potential is yet to be unleashed. This is one brand to watch out for, they just need to be competitive with their pricing.

AOC Gaming focuses on their AGON Gaming Monitors.
Hyper X is all about high-performance gaming product like RAMs, SSDs, and headsets.

Console and PC gaming covered, let’s move to the fun side of the event. Aside from the League of Legends and Vain Glory matches, the giveaways and contests are some of the best activities of the show. Some of the prizes include a RAZR Goliathus mousepad, a gaming keyboard + mouse, and T-shirts. And the games are so simple, it’s like the prizes are handed on a silver platter. I would’ve participated in the games, but my energy at te time was limited and had to be reserved for covering the event.

The guy who won the RAZR Goliathus mousepad because of his knowledge of RAZR products.
This guy won a gaming keyboard + mouse by participating in a “bring me” contest. What was asked for the prize? 3 pieces of different socks. And the guy was wearing a pair of 2 different socks, all he needed was one to win. And it was his birthday.
I’d be happy if I won a T-shirt too.
The center stage is crowded when it’s contest time and when there’s a PvP match.

I had a great time at ESGS 2016, too bad I wasn’t able to comeback for Day 2 and 3 because of my commitment to running. This is a new era of gaming, the event was not limited to just console and PC gaming, but also mobile phone gaming. Smartphone apps and games were also part of the event. Indie Games Developers were also present at the show and it’s a good way to advertise or showcase their products. It’s also the place to play the games before they reach the store shelves (aside from Final Fantasy XV, Little Nightmares, and CoD: Infinite Warfare, Resident Evil 6 was also available for demo at Data Blitz’s booth). ESGS is shaping up to be the Philippine version of Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) or Tokyo Game Show (TGS). Sure, it’s not on the same scale as those juggernaut events, but it’s only in its infancy (from what I heard, the previous events did not have much focus on console gaming). It had a good start and I would like to see it grow with even more sponsors and exhibitors next year. The event was well-organized, they even send text messages to notify us of upcoming events for the media group. I can’t think much of any negatives, but if I had to nitpick, maybe it’s the absence of the media lounge and that’s about it. A special thanks to Leo Durana of the ESGS Media Team for keeping in touch and providing me with everything that I need. Congratulations for the wonderful event and I look forward to next year.

I close this article with more photos from the event. Scroll down and enjoy the gallery.

The Indie Game Developers lounge.
Me with the most beautiful cosplayer in gaming town.
One more before I go.
Tekken 7 competition hosted by Brawl Fest.
Ice Blue and Fiery Red.
Drift King by Samsung.
3 monitors for a 180-degree view and a driving system with clutch for the realistic manual transmission driving experience.
Wonderful time with Wonder Woman
There are also toys and other merchandise for sale. Gundam building contest too.
Heart of a Champion or Champion of your heart?
Live at ESGS
Girl Gamers at the Vain Glory booth. Vain Glory was one of the major competition of Day 1. It’s a MOBA game with game mechanics similar to DotA and Royal Revolt. I might try this game some time. Available now on Android and iOS.
If the Winning Team gets free “SHITS,” Who would want to win? someone who needs fertilizers? (This was later corrected, I just find it a funny typo).
Just showing her pearly white and my vanilla white teeth.
Tsip Bato in the house!
A Wild Wii U appears!
I went to the EndGods booth and found the EndGoddess.
Once again, Sony’s gorgeous host.
The PLDT Home Fibr booth is the best place to sit down, relax, and play games.
Cosplayers at PLDT’s Home Fibr booth. Filipina Cosplay Queen, Alodia Gosiengfiao, made graced them with her presence on Day 2.
I felt the Strongest Connection with this one…
yup, very strong connection….

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