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Egg-lightened!.. The Eggciting Fun Run Media & Bloggers Day

WARNING: As the title suggests, expect some really bad ‘egg puns’ in this article. I can’t help it. My apologies.

I was invited to attend the Eggciting Fun Run’s Media and Blogger’s Day last week. It was the first time I attended a press release event and I only go if I really think that an event is something special and worth it. So, even without sleep (I worked the night before the event), I went to the event after my shift, and I’m glad I did because it was more than I ‘eggs-pected.’

The event was set at the UNAHCO, Inc. office in Mandaluyong. I wasn’t able to make it on time to take advantage of the free van service because of the traffic at the time, so I decided to just walk and find the site using google maps. Surprisingly, it was easy to find and wasn’t that far from Robinson’s Pioneer (my estimate was less than 2 kilometers).

Arrived just in time.

Usually, media events like this are more about the running event, the sponsors, and the advocacy or charity it supports. Well, this event is ‘egg-sactly’  the same as the others, but, the ‘egg-ception’ was the extensive focus on the healthy benefits and facts about egg consumption. Without proper information, most consumers (including yours truly) believe that too much consumption of eggs is bad for our health. The most common and ‘eggs-aggerated’ belief is that eggs can raise your cholesterol levels. By attending this event, I learned that it’s not exactly the truth and separated the facts and the myths. Check out some of the good stuff about eggs on the photos below.

I took some photos of the leaflets from the press release kit and edited it for use as references about the healthy benefits of eggs.
It’s plain and simple, Daily Egg Consumption is not equal to Increased Risk of Heart Disease. The misconception is one o f the reasons why egg consumption in the Philippines is lower compared to other Asian countries.
An Egg a Day is Okay!
Don’t have extra money for supplements? Try egg instead.

Those are some of the facts about eggs and egg consumption. I hope more people become aware of this and hopefully, this fun run’s advocacy will help in the dissemination of the facts.

As for the event, I enjoyed it, I’m very glad I attended it and I had fun. They have mascots, there was a dance presentation by Team Run Direction (TRD), a game, food, and zumba!. I found out that this is the 2nd egg-themed fun run, the first was the Egg Power Run last year and was organized by LeadPack. This year, it’s Guerilla Race turn to make a special and fun running event. One of the feel-good moments of the event is when UNAHCO COO and President, Ricardo Alba announced that they are donating 50,000 pesos to Lt. John Lobaton, Admin Manager of AFPEBSO, one of the chosen beneficiaries of the fun run.

Presenting the mascots. The healthy heart and the happy egg co-existing.
(Left) Not the heart that cupid tries to hit with a bow and arrow. (Right) Not Humpty Dumpty.
‘eggs-plosive’ dance presentation by One Direction Team Run Direction.
In one of the more ‘eggs-treme’ moments, the Egg busts a move and almost fell over leaving some people wondering if he will crack under pressure. A ‘heart-pounding’ moment indeed.
The egg passing game is like Trip to Jerusalem. Participants pass the eggs as the music plays and whoever holds it as the music stops is the winner of a prize.
Members of the press and bloggers in attendance.
Sponsors and the media.
The Q & A part of the event. Ask them anything about the run, the beneficiaries of the events, and anything related to eggs and poultry.
A question I wanted to ask, but didn’t came to my mind early at the time was, ‘which has better benefits, the balut or chicken eggs?’
Ultimate Anti-Malnutrition toolkit!
Good, tasty food was served.
My meal that day…

And for the winners of the egg passing game? I was ‘egg-cited’ to find out what it was, and then the ‘egg-citement’  flew out of the window when I found out that the winners must participate in a zumba. I wasn’t ‘egg-static’ about it, I don’t do zumba or dance on stage, but I don’t wanna be the rotten egg of the group by not participating, so I did. Video link here egg-citing zumba for those who want to see me look like a dancing tree branch trying to soften up by doing zumba.

We also got some nice freebies for our attendance and participation.

The loot bag and Tech Shirt that I’ve won from the Egg Passing Game.
Contents of the loot bag. A magic mug, a nice shoulder bag (use-able gym bag), a notebook, pen, and a T-Shirt. 
Nice shirt. Too bad it’s XXL size.

I’m looking forward to this event, I have a feeling it’s going to be a very good family event. I’m a big fan of the Guerilla Race series, I participated in the first Guerilla Race in Nuvali and I’m very impressed with the way they organize races. I’m sure they will make this event fun and memorable. See you on October 16 at SM Mall of Asia.


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