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Better than getting stuck in city traffic… Run the City! by Salomon Philippines

It’s August, the rainy season. This month should be my hiatus in the running scene, but, I made an exception because one of my favorite running event, Valley Trail Challenge, was set on August 20. As part of my preparation and because it’s free (oh yeah! who doesn’t want a free fun run), I joined the 3rd leg of Salomon Philippines’ Run the City.

I went to Salomon Glorietta on the same day I registered for Valley Trail Challenge. The slots were already taken, but the nice store personnel put me on the reserve list, in case someone backs out. I didn’t expect to be included in the event, so, I e-mailed Salomon and offered a proposal for a product testing and review of their Salomon trail shoes for the benefit of the consumers and for me to try Salomon shoes in the trails of Nuvali. As of today, I never received a reply. But, luckily, the night before the event, I got a text message for confirmation of attendance.

Since I was working on that day (12th August, Friday; requested for a change shift of 12 am – 9 am), I decided to take my break before 5 am and do the run (I know that it’s impossible to avoid overbreak because the event starts at 6 am and I only have 1 1/2 hours of break time in total, so, it was a sacrifice I had to make). It was a cloudy weather and it rained when I arrived in Makati, but, it’s okay, I was expecting bad weather and prepared to get wet.

Distribution of the free event singlet (looks like the one from last year’s City Trail event) and the test shoes was quick after providing a valid I.D. and the run started before 6:30 am. (Note: Photos without watermark were taken by me, photos with watermark were grabbed from the Salomon Philippines facebook page.)

Salomon X-Scream 3D, size 10. My test shoes for the event.
Waiting for the event to start.
Before the run.
One last look at the X-scream 3D before the run. Perfect match for my RUNNR socks.
Race briefing.
Others who were not handed the X-Scream 3D, got to try out the Sonic PRO.
A brief description of the Salomon shoes by the Salomon PH sales representatives.
Discussing the run and race route.
Pre-Run warm up.
The ‘Otso Otso’… I mean, still the pre-run warm up.

We were told that the distance is 6 kilometers around Makati avenue. When the run started, it was 6:27 am on my Nike+ Running app and Soleus GPS One watch. The first kilometer covered the Glorietta and Greenbelt area, and to get there means we have to run up and down the stairs of the pedestrian tunnels and bridges.

Part of the city run is the stairs of the pedestrian tunnels. My GPS watch lost signal while running this part of the route, but it locks on quickly once we run on the streets again.
Running down the stairs, easy. Running up the stairs, ugggh…
Sidewalks, the runners’ best friend in the city.
Urban Run Foundation…
Running in a synchronized pace feels like military style.

We were running at a smooth and easy pace of 7+ minutes per kilometer and had a quick break before kilometer 2 to wait for the others. Then the run continued towards RCBC Tower, the 3rd kilometer where we took another quick break.

It’s the city, traffic and pedestrians are obstacles to runners, but, they have the right to be there.

Running towards kilometer 4 to 5 feels like deja vu… indeed… it’s part of the Milo Marathon route and I hated that part of the route. So, I didn’t think much of it and just keep on running. We entered the Ayala Triangle Gardens in the last kilometer or so and finally back to the parking lot where we started.  According to Nike+ Running, we covered a total distance of 6.36 kilometers (at 43 minutes), while my GPS watch recorded 6.54 kilometers (at 42 minutes, 58 seconds). It was a nice run, a different experience from the usual fun run where the road is yours and you don’t have to run up and down stairs.

Post-Run exercise. Much painful than running, actually.

But, wait, there’s more! The fun did not stop there. There was also a raffle and you can win nice Salomon items. I got a lanyard, and the lucky ones got the Salomon Wayfarer sunglasses (same one from last year’s Salomon City Trail), Salomon water bottle, and the best one (I think), is the Salomon long sleeve, dri-fit shirt.

Thank you, Salomon Philippines for this event. The smiles on our faces tells you we had a good time.

It was a great marketing strategy for Salomon Philippines. The consumers get to try their products, advertise the brand in the streets (or the city), and it was fun for everyone. By the time I finished this article, there’s one more Salomon Run the City event and it will be held on the 2nd of September at R.O.X. in Bonifacio High Street. So, if you want a good run, a free singlet, and a chance to win awesome Salomon stuff, then finish reading this article, get up and off that couch, stop hunting Pokemons for just a few hours (oh, wait, you’re going to BGC anyway, I heard there’s a lot of ’em there), and sign up.

SALOMON X-Scream 3D (size 10) QUICK REVIEW: I only ran with this shoes for 40+ minutes and all I can say is, on road it feels firm and stable. It looks good and the cushioning is fine, but, I can’t say it’s better than my Saucony Ride 7 Viziglo (8mm offset), since I only ran 6+ kilometers with it. I didn’t feel pain or develop blisters (or blisters on top of my hardened blisters). I am very curious on how if performs on the trails.
Free singlet and the lanyard I got from the raffle.
Thanks again, Salomon PH.

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