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Run It! – Nuvali to Marcos Mansion

Having recently seen the 2015 Metro Manila Film Fest movie, Haunted Mansion, (it’s an okay movie, very good special effects, it’s not scary for me though, but it’s average at best), which featured the Marcos Twin Mansion, I recalled the time I took a run from Nuvali to the Mansion to map the route. So, I wrote this article as the first of my ‘Run It!’ series, where I visit, run, and map interesting and beautiful routes for your running pleasure. I present to you, the Nuvali to Marcos Twin Mansion route.

Route map from Nuvali to Marcos Mansion (Nike+ Running app). Total distance is 6+ kilometers.

I started my run from the parking lot of Nuvali Evo Living Center. The route is straight forward, just run the Nuvali road all the way to the roundabout. By the time you enter the roundabout at kilometer 2.4, turn right. This will lead you to the road going to Canlubang Golf and Country Club and Baranggay Casile, Cabuyao. Keep going forward and ignore other turns until you reach the hill climb road on the right side (kilometer 5.6 from where I started). If you missed the right turn to the hill climb, going straight ahead will lead you to Canlubang Golf and Country Club. The hill climb is 400-500 meters long and can be an exhausting experience for runners and cyclists. There is a small shack midway through the climb the sells buko juice and other refreshments, so rest and re-hydrate if you have to.

The Twin Mansions, the West Wing and the East Wing.

The mansion is a popular resting stop for cyclists and LSD runners in training. Once you reached the mansion, going further to the left is another uphill climb leading to the rest of Baranggay Casile and a route to the other formerly Marcos-owned Mansion, now known as The People’s Park in the Sky (also formerly known as the Palace in the Sky). But, that is another route for future exploration, we focus on the Twin Mansion for now. The first time I discovered the mansion’s location was back in January 2015, when I joined Runmania’s Resolution Run 2015. I only passed by the mansion and never got to see it up close. When I made this journey run back in April, I was finally able to see some of the insides of the mansion. But, the public is not allowed to enter, because the Marcoses still own the mansion. People can only take a peek at what’s inside, and that’s what I’m about to show you. Facing the mansion, to the left is the West Wing and to the right is the East Wing. Let’s explore the West Wing first.

The West Wing. Going further to the dirt road on the left leads you to Baranggay Casile. 
Another view of the West Wing and the East Wing. A sari sari store and bicycle parking is located on the side of the West Wing.
West Wing Porch.
A wall painting of former President Ferdinand Marcos and Imelda Marcos
Another wall painting on the porch.

The Main Hall of the West Wing is empty, only some ceiling fans, a pool table, and a painting of ‘Malakas at Maganda’ in the middle can be found inside. This is probably the creepiest part of the mansion at night.

A beautiful painting of ‘Si Malakas at si Maganda’ in the middle of the main hall. Also doubles as a door.
A pool table on the right side of the main hall.
The stairs to the 2nd floor on the left side of the main hall.

Not much to see in the West Wing, in contrast to the East Wing. Imagine if this part of the mansion is restored and decorated. It will probably look majestic.

In between or the middle of the Twin Mansion.
The East Wing exterior.
Another shot of the East wing. There is another sari-sari store under the trees on the right.

Compared to the West Wing, the East Wing has so many stuff inside like furniture, statues, paintings, and more. Not sure if these were props from the ‘Haunted Mansion’ movie or owned by the Marcos family.

An altar setting with statues of the Virgin Mary, Jesus, an Angel, and the Philippine Eagle?
If decorated properly, the mansion can be alluring.
Doesn’t look so haunted to me.
Some Marcos Family photos and some more Philippine eagle statues.
The stairs to the 2nd floor. The main hall/living room of the East Wing really looks elegant.

That’s all that can be seen by peeking through the mansion doors. It’s too bad that this mansion wasn’t turned into a museum and there’s no plans to renovate it. It’s a private property that doesn’t seem to be of much importance to the Marcos family for now, but, they did allow to shoot a film in the mansion. With the power of imagination, the mansion can be a secret place for a coven, a hidden reptilian lair, something that can be used as a stronghold when a zombie apocalypse happens. But, for now, it’s just a place of interest and a popular rest stop for runners and cyclists.

Going downhill, the easy part of going back to Nuvali.

Running back to Nuvali will take another 6 kilometers, a total of 12+ kilometers distance covered. But, it’s easier this time around because it’s going to be downhill and flat roads. A bonus for the trip are some scenic views around the borders of Casile and Canlubang. If you have some more spare time, try to find the another hidden gem, Canlubang’s Matang Tubig Falls.

Canlubang Golf and Country Club as seen from the uphill.
Grass and trees means a breathe of fresh air on the go.
Taking a rest after a downhill rush.
Cyclists on the background. More cyclists than runners on this route because it’s easier to ride a bicycle than to run. You have to be a strong and tough runner for this, especially when running the uphill.

That’s it for this journey run. I successfully mapped the Nuvali to Marcos Mansion route. I will be adding more Nuvali routes in the future and hopefully, I can do a journey run from Nuvali to Marcos Mansion to People’s Park in the Sky someday.