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Late by Dawn: Batman V Superman: Heroes Run

Despite the negative response from the critics, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice is one of my favorite comic book movie ever (seen it twice, first on IMAX 3d, and the second viewing on regular theater). When the Batman V Superman Run was first announced, I immediately put it in my priority running list (especially when I saw the singlet, I really like it, and the medal looks awesome, a nice addition to my collection). I only signed up for the 5k category for 2 reasons, 1st reason, I had limited funding for my running activities, and the 2nd reason, I wanted to try and make a new 5k PR (23 minutes is my fastest in a training run, and 25 minutes is my fastest when I reached the 5km mark of PinoyFitness Sub1 10k Challenge last year).

Since I’m only running a 5k, I decided not to take a leave, and the run was on a Saturday, the 9th of April to coincide with Araw ng Kagitingan (The Day of Valor) in the Philippines. So, I decided to just go to work with a change of schedule of 7pm to 4am and go straight to SM Mall of Asia after my shift since our gun start was 5:15 am.

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, I experienced the worst kind of traffic and public transportation experience on that day. Never expected it, I already anticipated that it will be smooth sailing from Alabang to Ayala to MOA because I have joined other runs before with a 5am assembly time and I still made it on time even with public commute (and that’s from Calamba City to Ayala to MOA). For the first time, I rode a bus that was so  full of passengers, so cramped (like the MRT and LRT during rush hour), I was touching the windshield. By the time I reached the event site, the 3k category was about to start. I was so pissed by the horrid public commute experience that I decided to forget about the whole attempt at breaking my 5k PR and just run this with no target time, and just enjoy the beautiful morning at a comfortable pace. I walked slowly and calmly to the baggage area,  prepared myself, and went to the starting line. I had thoughts of not running at all, because it’s kinda embarrassing to cross the starting line without other runners around. But, I paid for this, it’s a fun run, there’s no time limit, and there are a lot of late runners as well.

Late by dawn! the sun was already up when I started running. Photo credit: Running Photographers

I started with a smooth pace and only slowed down to a walk by the time I passed the 3rd kilometer to re-hydrate with Pocari Sweat. I started running again after a minute and continued with my usual 5-6 minute per kilometer pace.

Had to stop and take a selfie some time between the 3rd and 4th kilometer because of the nice sunrise.
All smiles at the last 2 kilometers. Photo credit: Running Photographers

Nearing the finish line, marshals point the lanes where you can choose which side you are running for. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman cosplayers await the runners to give them a high five, a fist bump, or you can stop and have a selfie with them. I finished the race with an official chip time of 28 minutes and 08 seconds. My gun time, 53 minutes and 35 seconds, meaning, I started 25 minutes late (my first official late start). For official results, go here

Despite the worst traffic and public commute experience, and the late start, I had a very good time. Batman v Superman Heroes Run is a solid fun run. A lot of people joined it to support their favorite superheroes and seems like a lot of the runners really loved their singlets especially the muscular guys (the event also had a stall that sells the singlets for 300 pesos and a lot of people lined up for it). This is the 2nd DC Comics themed running event, last year was the DC All Star Superhero Run which was also a success. So, it’s not surprising that the event personnel announced another one next year in anticipation and to celebrate the Justice League and Wonder Woman movies next year. And, of course, I’ll be joining again next year, no need for a superhero with clairvoyance to predict that.

Such a sweet sight. I saw this wonderful couple on my way to the last kilometer. Being together for a long time and can still finish a run together, that is impressive and rivals superhero feats. Photo credit: PinoyFitness
The event had some nice freebies for everyone, free Slurpee, Selecta ice cream (you can get as much as you want), and this one from Goldilocks. Silver Works also offers engraving of your name, distance, and finishing time on the back of your medal for 150 php.
There are some cosplayers on site to have photos with. Based on people lining up, Batman has the most fans. Any chance that one of them is named Martha?
Superman has a lot of fans too.
And like in the movie, Wonder Woman charmed a fan base as well…
…including me!
Because I’m a huge Wonder Woman fan now…
The Trinity Huskies attracted their own fans too.
The Top 3 runners of the 10k Women’s category. The fastest runner, the one in the middle, finished it at 46 minutes.
The Top 3 runners of the 10k Men’s category. The fastest runner crossed the finish line in just 37 minutes. The winners also got a special Superhero cake from Goldilocks to celebrate their victory.
I just can’t get enough of Wonder Woman. This is the last one, promise, no need to use the Lasso of Truth fro verification.
Shiny Superheroey medal.
I took a long rest at the bay side before I decided to go home. Saturday morning, warm temperature, and the fresh air made me relax.

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