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A runner’s March Madness!

While the term March Madness is associated with college basketball in the U.S., March Madness for a runner is ending the month of March without participating in a running event. It really sucks the this month go by without something to experience or write about.

There are so many awesome events to join, namely the first leg of Run United 2016, Save Laguna Lake Run, Tayak Hill Run 2, and PinoyFitness Sub1 10k Challenge 2016. Runrio’s popular series, RU 2016, was my first choice and top priority, but, like previous RU events, the 21k slots were sold out quickly. There was also an issue with the online registration process, so, it made me hesitate to register early. My 2nd choice was the Save Laguna Lake Run by Runmania in Pagsanjan. I was gonna go for this, but I was considering the location of the event and my limited funds at the time. Then came a promo for Tough X Rough and I got free race kits. So, I skipped the other running events at the time because of my limited funds and I just focus on TxR because it’s free and it’s an obstacle run. I trained for it and very prepared for the event date of 19th March. Then, in another unfortunate and disappointing turn of events, the event was rescheduled to 23rd of April, just days before the original date. According to the organizer, the reason was to improve the race experience. Disappointed that I won’t be able to join a running event for March, I browsed the internet for some events that I can join at the last minute. Unfortunately, PF Sub1 10k Challenge registration was already closed and I’ve only learned about the Tayak Hill Run 2 by AX Fitness on the later part of the month and the registration was also closed.

That’s my March, it sucked, truly mad for not being able to challenge myself this month. I missed some interesting runs. So, having learned my lesson, I’m already booked for 2 running events this coming April. I joined the Batman v Superman Run on 9th April and rescheduled Tough X Rough obstacle run on 23rd April.

For now, but, I’ll be writing a newbie runner’s guide to running events. Something to keep me busy while waiting for my next run. It’s an article about the different kinds of running events as well as information about the organizers, and some info about scam runs and how to avoid them. For now, I’m n hiatus and just keep on training. See you on the road (and the trails).