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RUNdom thoughts: One of the biggest disappointments in running events…

When the storm cancels one of your highly anticipated runs!
When the storm cancels one of your highly anticipated runs!

A dedicated recreational runner prepares for a half-marathon, doing training runs in the wee hours of the morning several times a week. Spends money for nutrition and other needs. Takes a vacation leave for rest and preparation. Then comes race day and everything is ruined by the arrival of a typhoon. What a big disappointment indeed. But, no worries, because the event will be rescheduled, right? Well, yeah. But, sh!t just got even worse when the rescheduled date lands on a day of another running event to which the recreational runner is also registered to. Now, that’s a 1-2 punch combo of disappointment. The arrival of typhoon Lando last weekend forced organizer, Runrio, to cancel Run for Generations 2015.

I woke up around 1 am, Sunday morning. It was very windy with only light rain (it wasn’t like that the night before). There were no announcements the day before regarding a postponement of the event and a number of runners (including yours truly) were staying tuned on Greenfield City and Runrio’s facebook page for any status updates. Runrio had everything set-up and done for the run, but it seems like they were still assessing the situation whether the run should push through or not. A number of participants already made it to the event site, waiting, and according to some facebook comments, had ask about the status of the event, but some of the staff they asked couldn’t give a definitive answer. It was 2:20am that Runrio posted a message to stay tune for their announcement at 2:30am regarding their decision with the event. At 2:31am, no follow-up response and participants who were waiting on facebook were getting impatient. It was 2:43am when Runrio finally made the announcement of cancelling the event. Participants who were at Paseo De Santa Rosa and those who just arrived by the time they made the announcement were pissed. Some text messages from Runrio were sent way past 3am and that caused inconvenience for those who weren’t following the facebook updates, especially those who were on their way.

I don’t blame the organizer, I think they tried to assess the situation, trying to see if the run is do-able, hence the reason for the delay of the postponement. Soleus Run for the Aspins was also scheduled on the same day as Run for Generations. Same scenario with some of the participants waiting for updates on facebook. It seemed like they we’re going ahead with the run, until it was stopped minutes after the gunstart. I remember reading an article about Valley Trail Challenge 2013 in Nuvali pushing through despite typhoon Gorio unleashing signal number 2 at the time. The race director, a seasoned trail runner, based his assessment on his experience and firm belief that the trail runners can handle it. He was right. The event, a trail run, concluded without any incidents despite the limited visibility and the terrain being rough and muddy.

Running events happen rain or shine, but in cases of unsafe weather condition, it’s okay to cancel or postpone the event. What the participants did not like however were the delayed announcement and for some (including me again) the rescheduled date. I’m fine with he delayed announcement, it’s just that the rescheduled date (Nov. 15) is in conflict with PinoyFitness 21k Challenge. Some of those who were already registered to that run (including moi) commented on facebook, asking for another date. I also suggested a sunset run (like the past Run for Generations) starting at 4pm, in case Runrio stands firm with the rescheduled date. We never got responses from the organizer. Very likely that they’ll stick to the date, but I’m still hoping that they can make it a sunset run since they haven’t announced the gunstart times yet. Another mistake of the organizer was not conducting a survey or poll first before choosing a new date for the run. They should have ask us, the participants, first before picking the date. Some of us already know that Nov.8 is not possible because of their New Balance Power Run and Nov. 22 is unlikely because of their first ever Gatorade Run. They should’ve at least asked us for other dates like Nov 29, Dec 5, Dec 13 (already aware that Run United Recovery Run is on the12th Dec) or Dec 19. Because of the conflict with PF 21k Challenge, some participants would like a refund of their money (if refund is possible, I would also sacrifice my first ever Greenfield Run as well).

Unexpected events like the arrival of a typhoon is one of the biggest disappointments for participants of running events. Add to that the rescheduled date being in conflict with another run that a runner already registered to makes it an even bigger disappointment than it already is. But, for me, it’s 3 times the disappointment because October 18 should’ve been my 2nd anniversary run. It’s 2nd year in the running scene and Greenfield City Run 2015 should’ve been the best way to celebrate.

October 2015, my 2nd year in the running scene.
October 2015, my 2nd year in the running scene and the 1st year anniversary of my 1st half-marathon.

My first running event was the zombie apocalypse survival run/adventure, Outbreak Missions: The Narrows on October 19, 2013. Read all about the survival story here:

This is where (Filinvest City) and when (19th October, 2013) it all started.
This is where (Filinvest City) and when (19th October, 2013) it all started.

And the first anniversary, I celebrated by enduring and finishing the tough obstacle run, Guerilla Race: Panther Edition on October 18, 2014. The painful, but fun experience was documented here:

Finishing the race. Photo from Guerilla Race facebook page
Finishing the race. Photo from Guerilla Race facebook page

It’s just too much disappointment that I wasn’t able to celebrate the 2nd anniversary with another good and awesome run.

On a side note, today, 26th October is the first anniversary of the first time I joined a 21k run. I ran my first half-marathon at the Rexona Run to your Beat 2014. It was an okay event, what made it special was the 1st time that me and my running buddy, Alvin, ran 21 kilometers at a very cautious and safe pace. Unfortunately, it seems like this year, there won’t be any Rexona run. I hope it comes back next year and much better than the 2014 edition. For now, here’s a recap:

Finishing my first 21k run. Photo creditL Running Photographers.
Finishing my first 21k run. Photo creditL Running Photographers.

It’s a crappy October for me for not having a major running event, but at least I can look forward to November for PinoyFitness 21k Challenge and Men’s Health Urbanathlon: Survival of the Fittest. For now, I’ll just keep training and encourage all runners and newbies of the running scene to do the same. Stay fit and enjoy the long run.


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