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RUNdom Thoughts!

It has been quite a long rest for me with July and August being my off-season from running events. Now fully recovered from my first 30k (32km actual distance) trail run last month, I’m very eager and excited to return to the running scene. Right now, I feel like I’m very prepared and ready to run my comeback run on September 13, the 1st Subaru Marathon. I wanted to join Salomon City Trail 2015 this coming weekend, but budget came short, so I’ll just have to make do with just 1 running event for September. It is a necessity for me to join half-marathon runs at least once per month in preparation for my first marathon next year.


I planned to join the Milo Marathon way back in July, but the whole thing about needing a medical certificate to join the 21k and 42k category was a turn off for me, it’s a hassle. So, I did some research about the mandatory medical certificate for joining Milo Marathon. I just wanna know why and did it have a history regarding runner deaths?

Remember the legend of Marathon? Pheidippides died after running non-stop from Marathon to Athens to deliver the message that the Persians has been defeated. Running can be fatal. Unlike any sport, it pushes the mind and body to its limits and it is more exhausting than any other forms of exercises.

So, back to Milo Marathon. During last month’s 39th Milo Marathon, 28 year old Marvic Milton Reyes collapsed just hundreds of meters away from the finish line. According to reports, medical personnel applied standard procedure, but was unsuccessful and the runner was taken to a hospital where he passed away. This isn’t the first time a runner died in the Milo Marathon. Back in 2010, the 34th Milo Marathon, 37 year old, IT project manager of Hewlett-Packard, and father of two, Remus Fuentes collapsed at the 19.9 kilometer mark of the 21 kilometer race. He was brought to a hospital, fell into a coma, and died 48 hours later. Cause of death was said to be heatstroke. So, that’s probably the story, the beginning of the medical certificate requirement for Milo Marathon. But, it’s not just the Milo Marathon, deaths in running can happen in any running event. In the 2013 PSE Bull Run in Taguig, 35 year old Romel Defeo, president of Sigue Correr Runners, collapsed at the 17th kilometer. Cardiac Arrest due to Hypokalemia was the cause of death. And finally, just this month, 52 year old, Canadian, Dean Borg, an experienced long distance runner, collapsed at the 2nd kilometer of the R399 Fun Run in Cebu. Cause of death was speculated to be cardiac arrest. May the runners rest in peace and found runners’ utopia.

These incidents alarmed me considering that 3 of the deaths happened in 21k (half-marathon) races and these runners were in good physical condition, they’re not new and average joggers. I questioned my own physical conditioning, considering that I always wanted to break my PRs every time I join a competitive running event. Right now, I’m still training regularly to make sure that I’m in excellent conditioning and I’ll always keep in mind that physical limitations are set to make sure that our bodies are within the safest levels. Yes, we can go beyond the limit, but we also have to think and ask ourselves, is it worth it? Running is not always about being competitive, it’s also about having fun and relaxing. It’s about good health. Just listen to what your body tells you and do yourself a favor, take it easy.

Links to runners’ deaths articles and references:


My 2013 running shoes.
My 2013 running shoes.

I’m finally retiring my Fila F.Floater running shoes. It was my first proper running shoes and used it throughout 2013 as my jogging shoes. It was very comfortable and the cushioning is just right compared to the Umbro shoes that I used before. Good value for the money too, I got it for 1,400+ pesos and it lasted for more than a year and half after I stopped using it for running (but, I did used it for awhile as a casual shoes). Its most memorable running moments was being the first shoes I used in a fun run and it helped me survive 2 zombie runs, Outbreak Missions: The Narrows and Outbreak Missions: The Adarna Initiative Director’s Cut. Farewell, my zombie survivor shoes.

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