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Evolution! from jogger to runner…

Thick or Thin crust?
Thick or Thin crust?

Back in July 2013, even though it has been more than a year since i started jogging on Sunday and Monday mornings, i had a wider upper body frame, roundish, puffy face, and usually weigh between 150 to 165 pounds depending on what i ate. Almost 3 months later, i joined my first running event, the zombie apocalypse run, Outbreak Missions: The Narrows. I got hooked in to running events and started joining different kinds of runs like obstacles runs, trail runs, and fun runs. More than a year later, i got thinner, but feeling much stronger, faster, with improved stamina, endurance, and resiliency. My current weight is maintained between 145 and 150 pounds (within the normal Body Mass Index level) and i’m loving it. By the time this article was written, i had finished 2 half marathons, a 20km race, 3 zombie runs, 3 obstacle runs, 5 fun runs, and earned my 1st Sub-1hr 10k medal. What i love about my current condition? it’s not just the speed and stamina, it’s the fact that i can eat anything and as much as i want and still not get as big as i was before i started taking running seriously. I would definitely choose the thinner, but faster version of me over the bigger, but slower version any day. And things only get better as urges to train more and run longer distances always cross my mind. Maybe the best is yet to come.


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