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R.i.P Sandugo Helikon

2 great obstacle runs and my 1st backpacking adventure. We had a great run.
2 great obstacle runs and my 1st backpacking adventure. We had a great run.

I bought the Sandugo Helikon for its durability and easy fitting. There was a time I used it on a daily basis as my office shoe. It was gonna be my shoe of choice for a nature trip and spelunking at the newly discovered Cavinti Underground Cave back in 2013. But, it didn’t push through because the cave was temporarily closed for development. It was my shoe of choice for my 1st 5km obstacle run, The Guerilla Race: Sprint in Nuvali, held on the 23rd of February this year. It helped me finish the course in 44 minutes. It once again served its purpose when I joined my 2nd Guerilla Race on 18th of October in Filinvest City. It helped pushed me through the 10km with 18 obstacles course, finishing the race at 1 hour and 52 minutes. It held its last breath, helping me get to the camp site of Mount Pico De Loro on 8th of November. At night time of that day, a trekking mate and I ran down the mountain to search and assist a porter who was carrying some of our mates’ stuff and equipment. We found him and we ran back to the campsite. It was dark, I was carrying a heavy backpack while running, and that was the time my Helikon couldn’t handle the pressure anymore and the outsole detached. I still made it safely to the campsite. My Helikon served me well after 2 obstacle runs and my 1st mountain trek. It is my 1st running shoe to retire. Thank you, Sandugo Helikon. The memories will never be forgotten.


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