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New PRs and upcoming races

It wasn’t too long ago that I made an objective to myself, to achieve a sub 30-minute 5km record before I join the 3rd leg of the Guerilla Race this October.

Finished 5km @ 00:29:32 (as recorded by Nike+ Running App for Android)
Finished 5km @ 00:29:32 (as recorded by Nike+ Running App for Android)

Last Thursday, before sunset, I pushed hard, alternating between dashes and speed walks, at the last kilometer, I felt some pain on my legs for pushing too much and was already doubting myself that I can do it at the time. Then, I looked at my smartphone, I’m already in the 4km range at around 26 minutes. So, I made one final, kamikaze dash and while taking peek at my smartphone as it hits exactly 5km, then I slowed down and started walking, finishing 5.15km run at 31 minutes, and hitting 5km at 29 minutes and 32 seconds. Achievement Unlocked! I know it’s not as fast as the veteran runners’ 20-25 minute range, but at least it’s faster than the average weekend-only joggers and those who only join fun runs without much training. Another milestone was my farthest run of 15.7 kilometers with a time of 02:00:49. This long distance run was part of my training for my 1st half-marathon (21km), the Rexona Run to Your Beat 2014 at SM Mall of Asia on October 26. By my estimate, if I were to run alone, I can probably finish at around 2 hours 36 mins to 2 hours 45 mins. But, I’m running with an officemate who is not as experienced as I am and is also joining his 1st half-marathon, but I think we can finish it under 3 hours. A good finishing time isn’t important though, finishing the race is. As of September 30, we are now officially registered at Rexona Run To Your Beat 2014. No Turning Back. I chose this event as my 1st half-marathon because of the rave reviews of last year’s event, hailed as one of the best fun runs by bloggers and the running community, and the fact that it is a music-themed run, no need to bring a music player, there’s lights and live music everywhere along the route and that could motivate us to run faster than the usual.

1st half-marathon. Bring it!
1st half-marathon. Bring it!

Another run that I’m already registered to and will happen on October 18 in Filinvest City, before Rexona RtyB 2014 is the Guerilla Race. It’s a military training-style obstacle run and we joined the Warrior category, which is 10km and 18 obstacles. More info on this once I have the race kits this week.



New 5km PR: 00:29:32

Farthest Run: 15.7 km @ 02:00:49

Upcoming Runs: Guerilla Race (October 18, Filinvest City); Rexona Run to Your Beat 2014 (October 26, SM Mall of Asia).


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