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The First Attempt….

in creating and managing a blog. I was motivated to do this to document my life in the running world. I started late in the running scene, at an age when I’ve already passed the prime of my youth. But, as I grew older, I want to reach the limits of my capabilities that I never had a chance to do 7 years ago, the peak of my performance. As the day of the very first time I joined a fun run draws near, I hereby start this blog as the chronicles of my running life. This is The Rogue Rebel Runner: Year One. But, wait there’s more! In addition to running, I was also a hobbyist photographer first. I started learning photography in late 2011, the time when the photography hobby scene was at its peak. So, in addition to blogs about fun runs, I will also be writing articles about photography every now and then. I also have plans to be a rogue photographer in running events that I won’t participate in, so watch out for The Rogue Rebel Photographer. Unfortunately, there’s one more thing, I’am also a video gamer, well, maybe not so much these days, but it was my earliest hobby when I was a kid. But, I still do play games, not as addicted or as much as I do more than a decade ago, but expect some articles about gaming as The Rogue Rebel Gamer activates Geek Mode. So, welcome to the blog and hope that you find it very informative and helpful, because that’s my primary objective, to share information, create awareness, and tell stories of life experiences in running, photography, gaming, and maybe some other stuff too. Watch out for the first article this coming weekend.


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